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NJIT L’Hospitalet: All Tournament Team
By Ruben Alcaraz
One more year The Ciutat of L’Hospitalet Tournament brought great prospects born in ’95, ’96 and even ’97 generation. The contest of the best prospect on his age in Europe, Mario Hezonja (’95), was the main attraction, but the MVP trophy of the Nike Junior International Tournament of L’Hospitalet was for the player of Union Olimpija Ljubljana Emir Sulemajnovic (’95) that finished top scorer and rebounder of the weekend. 
Emir Sulemajnovic, 6-8'5, Power Forward-Center, Union Olimpija Ljubljana, 1995
Together with the champion Fiatc Joventut Badalona, the Slovenian team played the best basketball of the tournament. Sulemajnovic represented the aggressive style of play of the team, going hard every time to offensive rebound, dunking always that he can and playing fast in transition. Finland born showed a surprising long range shot for his body, 3 of 11 beyond the arc, and correct shot jumper. In the paint, his tools are quite effective to find ways to score easily. In defense he needs to have more presence and intimidate more. Five blocks are a few for a player that spend almost all the time under the basket. 
Mario Hezonja, 6-4, Shooting Guard-Small Forward, FC Barcelona Regal, 1995
The best player so far at Hospitalet had not the best attitude. Playing in a team full of big prospects, Hezonja did not look part of the team sometimes. Croatian ‘superstar’ tried to score every time that he touched the ball and FC Barcelona did not set the tone in any game that they played. SuperMario, like Barcelona supporters call him, is in an upper level of players of his generation. He was unstoppable driving toward the rim, and finished sometimes with ferocious dunks. Although his shot is beautiful, his percentage beyond the arc was not. He only made 4 of 30 in threes with a horrible performance at the semifinal, 0 of 11. He did not spend a lot of energy in defense and more of the times he did not need it to steal the ball or get a defensive rebound. 
Jose Ignacio Nogues, 6-9, Small Forward-Power Forward, Fiatc Joventut Badalona, 1995
The outsider of the tournament. Nogues lead the champion Joventut like a veteran player and show the maturity of his game whole weekend. Good in defense and smart in offense, Nogues is still between 3 and 4 position. For his height, he has a good range for his jumpshot even was selected the best 3-point shooter of the tournament. Has to develop more his upper body but is a good fighter in the paint, very active all the time. 
Valter Lindstron, 6-0, Point Guard, Real Madrid, 1995
Lindstron spent most of the time playing like a shooting guard, and scoring easily thanks to his accurate jumpshot. The lefty Swedish showed that he has passing skills but he is not a real playmaker. Smart and cold minded, Lindstron uses to drive to the basket often and score or get a foul, so he has some tools to get points for his team. Height is his bigger problem, even his defense during the tournament was correct, he will have problems to guard taller players. 
Kristaps Porzingis, 7-0, Small Forward, Cajasol Sevilla, 1995
Porzingis is a small forward. Period. Although he is a seven footer his mentality is playing outside all the time. His 3 point percentage was much better than his 2 point percentage, and he is not very skilled in the paint. He has a good long range shot, and he can drive but has to improve in his speed to do it better. In defense he is not an intimidator, usually stays with his long arms down. He could be a big presence and dominate the paint in defense. When the team need him, he responded leading the way. 
Photo: Pepon Iriarte


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