By Marcel Babinski

SMS PZKosz Wladyslawowo

Adrian Bogucki (’99) – 7-footer from Poland is a rising star and everybody knows about it. He is pure inside player, but his strong side is mid-range game as well. Great touch under the rim, feeling for blocks, and he will outrebound any team with his hustle. Getting better physically (no more overweight problems). No problems at aggressive show defense. And he is running the floor better and better.

Kacper Mąkowski (’99) – MVP of the tournament, solid ‘3 guard’ with a great spot-up shot.  Can guard multiply positions. Has high basketball IQ. Has some body limitation but that will not stop him from playing as a pro.

Hubert Wyszkowski (’99) – Really strong guard, good defender, pure hustler on both ends. Good shooter. Solid in 1vs1 situations. He has some issue on pick and roll game which he needs to work on.

David Hook (’99) – 195 cm, position 2/3. No doubt that he is a leader of his team and the best player on the roster. He understands the game on a high level. He usually takes good decisions. Good on and off the ball. Running the offense. He is quick and strong. Long wingspan helps him on defense. He has some issue with his shot which he can still improve.
Budapest Basketball Academy

Bence Cantona (’99) – PG with good court vision, interesting player, top scorer of his team. Good 1vs1 player, and solid as a p&r ball-handler.
Asseco Gdynia

Bartek Pietras (’98) – 209 cm, position 4/5. Former Estudiantes player who came back to Poland to play in Asseco. He is skinny but he is still developing his body. Good moves on post up, good touch, has no problems to shoot with both hands under the rim. He can score from the 3-point line. Needs to work on his strength.

Maciej Leszczyński (’99) – PG/SG, 192cm. Great on ball skills and smooth moves make this guy fun to watch. No-look passes, and some good ideas on offense. He has a good spot up shot but needs to work on pull-up jumper to complete his p&r game. He is not bad on defensive side, even though he is slower than other players on his position.

Grzegorz Kamiński (’00) – 200 cm, SF. Grzegorz is an efficient slasher. He reads the game well, plays smart and goes strong to the rim every time. He is setting good screens, he can play p&r with and without the ball. Kamiński is playing always for the team, working hard on the court on both sides. Good on ball defender no problem to switch and guard smaller and faster PG’s. Good body for his age. Needs to work on his shot.
Kalev Tallinn

Carlos Jurgens (’98) – PG/SG. Carlos is a great scorer, he has a phenomenal shot, he has good p&r game. Really hard to guard because he is changing speed at a high level.
Alvik Stockholm

David Jolinder (’01) – SF. David was top scorer of his team and the youngest player of the tournament (he is still 15 years old). Good frame long hands and he is still growing up. He has a great touch and has solid fundamentals. He is not afraid to take the team on his back.

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