5 2002's

Gabriele Procida

CURRENT TEAM: Fortitudo Bologna (Italy)
Como (Italy)
6´7´´ / 200 cm


FIBA U18 European Championship Division A - August 2019
Procida was one of the most intriguing long-term prospects playing in Volos, as a late bloomer with good size, explosiveness and length for his position. A wing who is mostly productive as a spot up shooter and off ball playmaker, he has solid ball-handling for his size and good fundamentals using ball screens. He’s a confident and consistent outside shooter, not afraid to take shots from well behind the three point line, and showed some ability to pull up after couple of dribbles. With Italy lacking elite creation from his guards, he did a decent job when asked to bring the ball and create for his teammates too. He can make athletic plays at the rim, even though so far still struggles against contact because of his light frame. His defense is not reliable yet, as he tends to have a high centre of gravity and doesn’t have elite lateral quickness.

Basketball Without Borders 2019 - June 2019
Had a small injury which kept him out for one day but was back on the court on the last day of competition. Procida is a big wing with intriguing frame and solid athletic tools, he still has a skinny and undeveloped body and looks like he hasn’t stopped growing yet. Not a primary ball-handler but can handle the ball a bit and play some P&R, being also able to shoot off the dribble. High-level shooter with high release and deep shooting range. Excellent cutter and highly effective filling the lanes in transition. At his best if he can attack off the catch, putting the ball on the floor on the move. His defense is still a work in progress, needs to improve his footwork.

October 2018
By Eugenio Agostinelli
Skinny and dynamic wing standing at 6’5, Procida has wide shoulders and overwhelming athleticism, mixed with good length, and plenty of room to fill out. His lack of strength in his upper body still makes him hard to handle physical contacts, but he’s not afraid of jumping against big men to grab rebounds.
Playing off the ball comes easy at him, as he moves endlessly to find the best spot or give the cleanest passing lane near the rim. He’s extremely efficient shooting off the catch with his high release, but he’s also able to hurt defense pulling up from midrange, making proper use of ball-screens. His handle is decent, but he can get stripped of the ball while driving. Smart decision-making, he always looks focused and in control of the game, handling the ball and making clutch plays in crunch time.
Procida suffers his lack of strength in the defensive end, but he works extremely well through passing lanes, helped by his long arms and instincts to get deflections and steals. He has quick feet and good lateral quickness, and he covers the floor pretty well in defensive transition, getting big time chasedown blocks.

It will be interesting to follow Procida’s physical development, and see how his growth will affect his dynamic, high-pace style of playing, seeing him as a solid 3&D prospect in his future as a pro.


2016/17: Cantù (Serie A, Italy)
2017/18: Cantù (Serie A, Italy)
2018/19: Cantù (Serie A, Italy)
2019/20: Cantù (Serie A, Italy)
2020/21: Cantù (Serie A, Italy)
2021/22: Fortitudo Bologna (Serie A, Italy)