1 1997's

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

Cherkassy (Ukraine)
6´6´´ / 199 cm
FIBA Europe / Pavel Kubanov
FIBA Europe / Ciamillo - Castoria
FIBA Europe / Ciamillo - Castoria


BODY/ATHLETICISM: Mikhailiuk possesses all the necessary physical tools to be considered a modern wing player. He stands around 2 meters while having a solid wingspan. Strong and athletic as he is, he dominated his peers not only using his skills but also with his great physical tools. He is extremely quick with or without the ball, has good lateral quickness and a solid vertical jump.

SHOOTING: He possesses a nice shooting form, releasing the ball high enough and holding his follow through. His great footwork helps him shoot the ball extremely quick while helping his elevation as well. He can shoot the ball almost from every spot while being smart enough to adjust his shot depending on the shooting type, the opponent and the way defense plays him. He likes to shoot after a few hard dribbles moving from either hand, loves the step-back jumper while posting-up a defender, also he’s adept enough to fake a shot forcing the defender to lose his balance. When in rhythm he looks unstoppable. He showed that he can create his own shot against any type of defense; actually, Mikhailiuk faced as hard a defensive pressure as you could find in tournaments like that. Almost every team tried to deny him the ball, overplaying every angle, trapping and double teaming him every time he got the ball.

POSITION OFFENSE: He can create his own shot at will, attacks the basket extremely hard and gets to the free-throw line at high rates. He showed that he’s a capable passer when he wants to, possessing good vision. One of the best weapon he possesses is his dribbling ability; he is comfortable with both hands, changing directions with his dribble quickly. He gets extremely low to the ground on drives and that gives him the chance to surpass his match-up, and even the second help defender. He shows the ability to split defenders while trapped on ball screen actions or in the half court. He shows great of the ball movement using a fair amount of pin down screens; his quickness and the ability to catch and release quickly making him a player hard to play against when moving off of screens.

DEFENSE/REBOUNDING: His size, length and athleticism are helping him on the defensive end and it’s pretty certain that he will make a good use of it against higher level of competition. He anticipates passes well enough and, using his long arms, gets into passing lanes. One of the best players in steals and rebounds among all players of the tournament. He gets down in a stance and does a good job getting off his man and making plays. Given the amount of energy he spends on the offensive end, he does a good job defensively.

MISCELLANEOUS: There are a few negatives to elaborate on for his recent performances. He is a little bit overaggressive, took many low percentage shots and shows a knack for over dribbling. 

OVERALL RATING: He stood out as both an athlete and a scorer showing great poise and maturity for a player his age.


2012-2013: Cherkasy (Ukraine)
2013-2014: Cherkasy (Ukraine)
2014-2015: Kansas University (NCAA, USA)
2015-2016: Kansas University (NCAA, USA) 
2016-2017: Kansas University (NCAA, USA) 
2017-2018: Kansas University (NCAA, USA)