By Artau Pascual

Last week, Eurohopes was in Ulm to attend the Ratiopharm Ulm vs. JL Bourg game, visit the Orange Campus facilities and talk to some of the biggest NBA prospects in the current Draft cycle. Our Director of Scouting, Artau Pascual, had the chance to interview Pacome Dadiet. Here you got the outcome.

You can also find a full breakdown of his game here.

That’s your second season in Ulm. Last season, you had limited participation because of multiple reasons. How are things going at the start of the 2023/24 one?

When I first came back from this Summer, it was my first practice after a long time. I was injured in the Summer, so I was just getting healthy and working on my body. At first, it was a bit tough because I had been out for five months. Now I’m just figuring it out and enjoying.

Why Ulm? I mean, what were the reasons that made you decide to move here?

The practice facility. I also have a skills trainer who’s available for me almost 24/7. It’s great for me.

What differences do you notice between the way they approach basketball here and the way it is in France?

I would say German basketball is more tactical and French basketball is more physical, more athletic. There is more about running, here is more about shooting ability and so.

It was difficult to get a hold of you due to the injuries you had in the U17 World Cup and the months off with Ulm due to various reasons. You didn’t go to the U18 European Championship either. The first impression of you for many people is already getting Eurocup minutes on a team willing to give chances to young guys. Do you feel like you are putting yourself on the map this season? Is it extra motivation for you to see how many French players are being discussed on the Draft radar?

I’m focused on working on me. I know what I’m capable of and I could be higher, yes.

 A big part of Ulm’s program is how much they focus on player development. They have plenty of first-level tools and some great development coaches. What are you working the most on this season?

Last year I worked a lot on my shot, and I improved a lot. Now I’m working on driving more. I feel because of my shot, I’ll be using it more. I’m working on everything.

Where do you think you have improved the most? Also, what would you like to focus on from now until the end of the season?

Shot is the main thing. I think I should work on my driving ability. From now until the end of the season, my goal is being more aggressive at getting to the paint.

How do you feel like those ankle issues have affected your game? Did they even have some kind of impact on your confidence to put the ball on the floor, drive…

On my confidence a little. At the beginning of the season, I worked on getting it back. Now I’m definitely confident on myself. 

I remember watching you live last season in the Munich ANGT, there you had an impressive game against a powerful Real Madrid team. You demonstrated above-average athleticism for the European game and the ability to create shots for yourself on the drive, some attributes that are key for perimeter players to make it to the NBA. This season you are playing mostly in a limited, play-finishing role, with less usage and duties. What do Coach Gavel and the staff ask you to do?

It was not really a problem because I have skills like shooting. Hitting a couple of threes made me feel good. Now I’m working on getting my aggressiveness and driving back because I believe It’s something I can do, it’s in my game. I have to keep playing like this.

You even had to play some minutes at PF. How did this experience work?

It was my first team playing the four. At first, in my first games I had to figure out because I’m not used to playing against big players, setting screens…now I believe it’s something that works for me. I always feel better playing the three because it’s my natural position, but if it’s needed that I play the four, I can play the four without any difficulty.

How would you see yourself in the future? In what kind of role?

Just playing my game like I always did. I feel like at this level, I can keep playing my game like I always did.  This has always been my game. I actually started playing basketball in the Point Guard position. I used to be a little smaller and know, at this height and with my skillset, I’m capable of doing these things.

I took a sample of some plays of the season I would like to discuss with you. Let’s take a look at them and see what you have to say.

 First clips: you are really tall, high release point, can pull up from the distance, self-create…this translates pretty well to the NBA. Do you think this one can be your go-to skill for NBA?

Yes. That’s something I work on a lot. I know I’m pretty tall, so my mid-range is tough to defend. It’s something I try to put in especially when I play the two or the three, against smaller defenders. It’s something that goes with the flow of the game. I like doing a hesi, and I prefer also going on my left hand too. 

Some more clips, this time of passing. That’s a secondary skill from what we’ve seen, but at last it’s key for scorers to find a way to use their gravity. Does passing come natural to you? What margin for improvement do you feel like you have making decisions on the drive?

I’m able to read the situations. If I can’t score, I’ll look for my teammates. I identify when to pass the ball. I’m more of a scorer, so this will be my first option, but if not I’ll be ready to pass it.

And I also highlighted a defensive clip. What are you asked to do on the defensive end for Ulm? In what defensive role do you see yourself in the future?

When I started playing with the first team, I had a little of trouble with the off ball defense, not with the on ball one. I sense that it’s different from playing in France because in France, we are more used to the one-on-one defense, and here in Germany is more about the collective defense. 

Just to end the interview. What do you see yourself achieving five years from now?

My goal is to get to the NBA, of course. But I don’t want to be drafted and disappear, just to be there. I want to build a solid career in the NBA.