3 2003's

Zvonimir Ivisic

Vitez (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
7´2´´ / 219 cm


U20 European Championship- July 2023

Outstanding fluidity and coordination for a player of his size. Can turn directions handling the ball, shifty and quite crafty. Can shoot the ball from outside and attack closeouts or drive in transition. Fills the lanes. Doesn’t show an appropriate level of commitment on the defensive end: he’s a good weakside rim protector, but his awareness is not at a good level. Gets beaten off the dribble or caught off position too often. Needs to improve the way he interacts with his teammates and start communicating better. 

General overview- October 2022

Zvonimir Ivisic is a rangy and mobile big who can adapt to play both forward and center position. He is a skinny floor stretcher who can hit threes with a reasonably high shooting volume and occasionally can generate looks for himself off the dribble. Despite not being strong enough to fight with conventional bigs, he is a solid offensive rebounder thanks to his wingspan and instincts.

On the defensive end Zvonimir Ivisic has yet to define. He has made some improvements as a rim protector despite not being strong enough thanks to his positional awareness and length, but the key skill to determine his ceiling in this area will be how good of a switch defender he ends up being at the perimeter. He has polished his footwork and thanks to his wingspan he is useful as a rotator because he covers a huge amount of space.

Adidas Next Generation Tournament Valencia - December 2019
By Albert Robledillo
Struggled to fit in the team as he was playing as a guest from Sibenik. A really promising frame with room to fill the body up. He is still a heavy footed with lack of athleticism but his mobility is good for his size. Very comfortable shooting from outside (50%) and showing a promising touch and skills near the basket attacking from outside. His best moments were playing as a Center, but struggles posting up because of his lack of strength in the upper and lower body. A great rebounder, thanks to his length and a good work while the ball is flying. Needs to improve his mobility in defense, because he can’t follow perimeter players but knows how to use his arms to bother shooters or finishers while he is defending on and off the ball.  

FIBA U16 European Championship Division A - August 2019
Right handed center who prefers to step out and play on the perimeter. Undeveloped frame with margin to fill up. Not much physical, tends to avoid physical competition, struggles to score with contact. Volume shooter from outside, confident release, natural range from three. Can put the ball on the floor a bit and attack the basket. Has soft touch, can hit some floaters too. Defensive mobility is average, will need to improve his footwork. Averaged 13.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, 1.1 steals, 1.4 blocks.


2016/17: OKK Drazen Petrovic (Croatia)
2017/18: OKK Drazen Petrovic (Croatia)
2018/19: GKK Sibenik (Croatia)
2019/20: GKK Sibenik (Croatia)
2020/21: Studentski Centar (Adriatic League 2, Montenegro)
2021/22: Studentski Centar (Adriatic League, Montenegro)
2022/23: Studentski Centar (Adriatic League, Montenegro)
2023/24: Kentucky (NCAA, USA)