1 2003's

Adem Bona

Lagos (Nigeria)
6´10´´ / 208 cm


Season review- March 2024
By Artau Pascual

High-motor big. Plays with energy on both ends of the floor. On the offensive end, he's a relentless offensive rebounder. Has good vertical leap and finishes well through contact. Better at it when he's the one who initiates it. He can work above the rim as a screener or stay at the baseline. This season he's been showing some high-low potential playing alongside another big, but his passing mechanisms and mid-range shot need some work to translate to the next level. On the defensive end, he's fearless at putting pressure to the opposing bigs in DHO schemes and he can play in multiple pick&roll coverages, although he needs to improve his positioning and tactical awareness in drop as well as his hips when switching. Does well at showing and recovering. Solid shot-blocker and weakside rim protector.

General overlook - December 2021
Bona has the perfect combo of strength and athleticism for a big man. He’s a great finisher in the paint, imposing his physicality to open up spaces and finish with authority at the rim. He has some basic moves low post, but will rely mainly on his strength and explosiveness to blow past his opponent and finish. He can put the ball on the floor fairly well for a guy of his size, making imposing drives to the basket from the perimeter. He’s a vertical treat also, running the floor with high intensity - hard to stop in transition; he’s also a great refence for lobs and passes into the paint. On the pick&roll, apart from the benefit of being a great lob target, he clears a lot of space when rolling deep, giving his PG space to work. Despite all this, he relies too much on his physical attributes, lacking basketball fundamentals – has bad reads from low post if defense packs the paint. He’s a tremendous rebounder on both sides of the court. On defense, he’s a versatile big and a great 1on1 defender either it is on the perimeter or on the post, being able to switch 1-to-5. He’s an élite shot blocker, but sometimes has issues when playing against skilled guys and gets jumpy; he always goes for the block, and gets out of position allowing easy baskets around the rim.

FIBA U16 European Championship Division A - August 2019
Named in the All-Tournament Team after averaging 14.1 points, 10.3 rebounds and 4 blocks for fifth-placed Turkey, Bona had another strong showing in a FIBA tournament, the second this summer. As expectable his combination of length, athleticism and motor had a terrific impact: he’s always active and plays hard, bouncing around all over the court and making athletic plays on both ends of the floor. Compared to FIBA U18, he had some more freedom with the ball in his hands and showed some remarkable flashes particularly on the perimeter, putting it on the floor and attacking the basket with excellent footwork and coordination.

FIBA U18 European Championship Division A - August 2019
The second youngest player in Volos, Bona only played 18.5 minutes per game but was still able to help himself a lot, being highly productive in his time on the court and showing his highly intriguing combination of length, quickness and explosiveness. He averaged 4.9 points, 5.1 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game, with a key performance in the semifinal against Slovenia. Was strictly used as a role player, as his ball skills are still very raw: he was effective crashing the glass, running the court and finishing at the rim, being disruptive thanks to his athletic profile. On defense he doesn’t always understand what to do, but had an impact thanks to his motor and good footwork, also bringing valuable intimidation in the paint.


2017/18: IBB Istanbul (Turkey)
2018/19: IBB Istanbul (Turkey)
2019/20: Pinar Karsiyaka (BSL, Turkey)
2020/21: Prolific Prep (HS, USA)
2021/22: Prolific Prep (HS, USA)
2022/23: UCLA (NCAA, USA)
2023/24: UCLA (NCAA, USA)