5 2002's

Maksym Shulga

Kiev (Ukraine)
6´3´´ / 192 cm


Season review- January 2024
By Artau Pascual

Max Shulga is handling a primary offensive role for VCU. Standing at 6'4, Shulga mixes the size, poise and skillset to make an impact as a Guard at a high European level. He always plays under control against different defensive pick&roll coverages, and because of his pull up and footwork ability he knows how to create shots off the dribble in 2vs2 situations from mid and long range. He has some potential as a driver and his decision-making in traffic is reliable, but it won't be a go-to-skill for him since he lacks the athleticism, leap and contact absorption ability to turn it into a consistent strength of his game.

On the defensive end, he doesn't have the potential to defend the best ball-handler of the opposing team night after night, but he's not a liability and doesn't need to be protected. Because of his size he can stay with some wings. He's smart at rotating and has solid box-out fundamentals.

Season review- April 2023

High-usage scoring guard with three-level scoring projection. Can create plays for his teammates in pick&roll situations and provide minutes as the PG of his team, but he’s better at handling scoring duties. Lacks athleticism, but his footwork is great: knows how to create space for himself in the mid-range, especially with pump-fakes and turnarounds. He’s good at driving and creates nice angles for his finishes. Loves playing off two feet. Another good area of his game is his off-ball movement skills: last season he was mainly used for on-ball purposes, but he can create through second-side actions and feels comfortable coming off screens or operating in hand-off situations. High-level feel to make reads for his teammates: he knows where his teammates are when he starts a drive and processes well the action in 2vs2 situations to feed the roller.

FIBA U18 European Championship Division B - August 2019

By Luka Drca

Crafty guard who can play both on and off the ball. Solid frame. Not a great athlete but solid enough. High basketball IQ, understands the game, moves well on the court. Tough, fearless. Attacks the rim with both hands and finishes through contacts. Very good using fakes, screens and hesitations to create space. Good shooter off the catch, efficient from beyond the arc. Proper feel on the P&R, knows where his teammates are all the time. Averaged 13.3 points, 7.3 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 2 steals.


2015/16: Colegio Leonés (Spain)
2016/17: Colegio Leonés (Spain)
2017/18: Colegio Leonés (Spain)
2018/19: Torrelodones (Spain)
2019/20: Torrelodones (Spain)
2020/21: Utah State (NCAA, USA)
2021/22: Utah State (NCAA, USA)
2022/23: Utah State (NCAA, USA)
2023/24: VCU (NCAA, USA)