3 2005's

Alexandre Sarr

CURRENT TEAM: Perth Wildcats (Australia)
Bourdeaux (France)
7´0´´ / 215 cm


NBL Blitz- September 2023
By Artau Pascual
Played in both 4 and 5 spots. Sarr is a smooth athlete with a long wingspan and outstanding coordination and fluidity for his size. On the offensive end, as a 4 he wasn't shy: he tried to put the ball on the floor and, despite he lacks of the handles and coordination to unleash pullback moves that could eventually allow him to self-create his own shot, he took advantage of his first step and passing ability to do easy reads driving and kicking the ball to the shooter. Ball-handling is good in wide spaces: has low center of gravity and are quite tight for his size. He hit two three-pointers displaying good mechanics after the handoff. Squares quickly and his lower body looks balanced. Good touch. He's a willing offensive rebounder -has room for improvement in terms of positioning- and isn't afraid of catching bodies in the paint. Good second jump. On the defensive end, he did better as the 4-man than as a 5: he's good at blocking or deterring shots from the weak side, and he's not beaten easily when an opponent tries to attack him in a closeout. No post-up offense for him. As the 5, as of right now most of his impact happens in switch schemes: his lateral quickness is above-average among players of his size and his hand activity is good too. Covers a lot of ground. Lacks communication skills in drop schemes or in the last role.

U19 World Cup- July 2023
By Luka Drca

Mobile 5 man with NBA length and athleticism. Well coordinated and quick on the feet. Explosive but soft. Lacks strength. Able to put the ball on the floor attacking from the perimeter. Had an outstanding spin move and dunk in the semifinals against the USA team. Can step out to 3 point line. Not very active on offensive rebound. Doesn’t like contact and tries to avoid it. Good timing for blocking shots. Solid laterally on the defensive end. 

General overview- November 2022

Alexandre Sarr is a great athlete with ability to slide between the power forward and center positions. He is great operating as a screener thanks to his absurd catch radius and nice touch in the paint. In addition, during recent months we've seen him developing his game off the dribble, being already capable of attacking from the baseline. His outside shooting is a work in progress but he has made some recent improvements in his mechanics and increased the volume.

On the defensive end Alexandre Sarr has really promising potential. He has the ideal footwork to stay in front of ball handlers and projects as a reliable switch defender. He still needs to gain strength to defend in the low post against strong big mans. His athleticism and vertical leap help him to be a great rotator and weakside defender.

General overlook - December 2021
Alexander presented himself like usual with a big frame and very promising body structure, that reminds of his brother Olivier. Very athletic, plays with high motor, decent shooting mechanics with room for development. Can attack low post, but also put the ball down from the outside finishing at the rim. On defense, he has good footwork for his size, and he’s a focused weak side helper. Very high ceiling for the future, with some parts of Sarr’s game still to be polished.

U15 Fundacion Leucemia - December 2019
By Biel Colominas
Sarr has one of the most promising and intriguing bodies of his generation. Standing at 6’8 with still growing potential, he has wide but undeveloped frame and an impactful wingspan on both ends of the floor. He is a good athlete overall, looks fluid and agile running the court, but his athleticism is still on the making and has a lot of room to improve it. At the moment, his skillset is very limited and he is just a catch and finisher with soft touch with his right hand. Not comfortable using his left hand and he easily gets unbalanced when playing against contact. Impressive potential running in transition, has good hands to receive the ball on the move. No range as a shooter so far. He shows good instincts as a rebounder, and his length helps him to get boards; even though he should be more consistent at the time to box out. Defensively, he struggles to guard on the perimeter due to his high center of gravity and still the need to adjust his lengthy body, but his agility and mobility suggest potential here. His size and length bring intimidation inside the paint right now, but he doesn’t have great instincts as a shot blocker. Sarr is a late bloomer who will need time to develop his game, but he has arguably the tools to become a high-level player.


2019/20: Toac (France)
2020: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2020/21: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2021/22: Overtime Elite (USA)
2022/23: Overtime Elite (USA)
2023/24: Perth Wildcats (NBL, Australia)