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Baba Miller

CURRENT TEAM: Florida State (NCAA)
Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
6´11´´ / 211 cm


U19 World Cup- July 2023

Baba Miller was finally able to consistently impact the game. His frame is impressive, and he has the mix of length, quickness and strides to make a difference in his favor. In the U19 World Cup, he displayed a great level of confidence off the catch to beat opponents and get to the rim. He was even better at cutting and playing alongside other teammates with the passing feel to find him in movement. He was inconsistent at shooting, but he didn’t hesitate to keep a high volume for his standards and he had a couple uncommon shotmaking stretches. Shot mechanics looked better. On the defensive end, Baba covered a lot of ground and did a solid job filling gaps and rotating. Because of his size and hips fluidity, at these levels he doesn’t have problems staying in front of wings.

General overview- October 2022
Baba Miller has a fascinating frame that has been well filled during the recent year. He is a versatile forward with tremendous upside and tons of raw talent, so we still need to take some time to know what kind of player he'll be. One of his biggest question marks is outside shooting and, despite the mechanics still look inconsistent, during the past season he improved the results and felt more comfortable.He has shown many flashes when it comes to creating his own offense off the dribble and getitng downhill but we have to wait and see how he translates them to a higher level before defining his ceiling in this area. Also, he has some ways to go when it comes to manage contact creation and absorbtion.

On the defensive end Baba Miller has the tools to be a wing defender who can slide to covering big mans and take care of ball handlers. It all will depend on how he bulks up and he keeps developing important aspects such as footwork or defensive stance. He flips directions with ease and has good motor. The most relevants improvements he has to do as of right now are related to awareness and off ball coverages.

Adidas Next Generation Tournament Finals - June 2021
Baba Miller passes the eye test the moment he gets into the court with his size (6’9), wingspan (6’11), high hips and mobility. He is not productive at all since in the last year and a half he grew up three inches and is still getting used to his body but showed some glimpses as a finisher and also defending perimeter players.

Adidas Next Generation Tournament Istanbul - March 2021
Baba Miller passes the eye test the moment he gets into the court. Tall, with a big wingspan (6’11), very fluid (Madrid plays him at the Small Forward position), and with a very undeveloped frame so he has not reached his ceiling at all. At 6’9 he can defend perimeter players using his quickness and his wingspan, he is aware in off-ball defensive situations and helps in the boards. It seems he is getting used to his body because his timing is pretty bad when protecting the rim. In offense, he is not an initiator because he is weak in the lower body but his ball-handling skills looked fine. He has instincts passing the ball. He was also very productive as a shooter (3/5 in 3-point shots).

Szent Istvan Cup 2020 - January 2020
By Biel Colominas
Miller possesses an interesting combination of size, length, coordination and skills for a wing. His body is still skinny and has promise to bulk up in the future. He has good ball-handling ability for a player of his size, is able to create off the dribble with both hands against physical similar players, being especially effective attacking on the move where he changes direction with great body control; even though he lacks some burst off the dribble. He is a good shooter both off the dribble and off the catch, but sometimes settles too much on jumpers. Great feel moving off the ball and finding cutters. He struggles to stay balanced against physical contacts. He doesn’t have quick lateral mobility to check players on the perimeter.


2018/19: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2019/20: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2020/21: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2021/22: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2022/23: Florida State (NCAA, USA)
2023/24: Florida State (NCAA, USA)