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Pacome Dadiet

CURRENT TEAM: Ratiophharm Ülm (Germany)
Aubagne (France)
6´9´´ / 205 cm


Live evaluation- December 2023
By Artau Pascual

Pacome Dadiet played his best game of the season so far against JL Bourg (November 29th). In the first half he wasn't a solid contributor, and we saw some of his flaws there: he wasn't capable of getting his shots up and because of it, he didn't get involved in the offensive scheme. In the second half, he was a big reason why his team got back in the game: he was able to demonstrate his above-average athleticism for European standards in transition, finishing strong at the rim and playing through contact to grab offensive boards. On the other hand, he shot the ball confidently in spot up situations from the three-point line.

Pacome Dadiet's next step is to gain consistency on the offensive end. He has some unique shot-creation skills from mid and long range, and he has the physical attributes to turn into a solid driver. The foundation of an NBA-caliber three-level scorer is there. Needs to keep working on his self-confidence as an offensive threat and improve his defensive awareness, since he's been struggling a little at the start of the season at accomplishing the off-ball duties he's been asked to do.

General overview- October 2023
By Artau Pascual

Pacome Dadiet is part of Ratiopharm's rotation. Standing at 6'8 barefoot, Dadiet is strong to play through contact and explosive in short, straight lines. He's asked to play off the ball in most of his minutes, and he's showing an improved three-point spot-up shooting ability as well as sharp instincts to cut from the baseline or the 45-grades area. Dadiet isn't having enough on-ball reps to evaluate how he's translated his slashing ability to the BBL/Eurocup level.

On the defensive end, he's been assigned the wing role and does a good use of his hands. He might play with a high center of gravity occasionally. Dadiet shows a solid level of commitment to following the scheme, but can struggle when he has to navigate off screens. He's smart at small things such as bumping the roller or acting from the help side. 

ANGT Munich- January 2023
By Artau Pascual

Dadiet looked different from last summer. He’s gaining strength, so he’s less explosive than some months ago, but he found ways to adapt this physical change to his game. He got easily to the rim against Madrid’s defense and once there displayed his good contact absorption ability. He also created plays for his teammates from standstill that ended in nothing, but the process looked good. He has changed his shooting mechanics but still has work to do: he needs to speed up his release and work on his pullback dribble to create space for his shots.

General overview- November 2022

Pacome Dadiet is a good athlete for the shooting guard position. He has ability to get to the rim driving and can provide rim pressure in off ball situations such as cutting, as well as he can work above the rim in some sets. He is an explosive ball handler who also knows how to decelerate and get up his shots from mid and long range. He still has some ways to go when it comes to efficiency, but his form is good and natural for his kind of game. Has quite room for improvement creating advantages for his teammates.

On the defensive end, thanks to his size and instincts, Pacome Dadiet is a solid guards defender. He is active off ball and shows commitment when taking charge of ball handlers. In occasions, he can gamble a bit too much.

Pole Ile de France - November 2019
By Biel Colominas
Dadiet is a combo guard with good positional size and outstanding athleticism. Can play on and off the ball thanks to his ball skills and shooting ability. His ball-handling ability, quickness and explosiveness allow him to easily create on one-on-one situations. More a scorer than a facilitator, but he is able to kick the ball out while driving to the basket. Sometimes wild in his game; needs to improve his decision-making and use less dribbles in some situations. Dadiet is a solid spot up shooter from the 3 point line. Annoying on ball defender: puts pressure on the ball, has quick feet and plays physical. His explosiveness and instincts make him a threat cutting passing lanes.


2019/20: Saint Charles Charenton (France)
2020/21: CFBB Paris (France)
2021/22: Paris Basketball (ProA, France)
2022/23: Ratiopharm Ülm (BBL, Germany)
2023/24: Ratiopharm Ülm (BBL, Germany)