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Tidjane Salaun

CURRENT TEAM: Cholet (France)
Paris (France)
6´9´´ / 206 cm


Season evaluation- December 2023
By Artau Pascual

Tidjane Salaun has earned a spot in Cholet's rotation because of his defensive impact and ability to involve himself in the scheme on both ends of the floor, adjusting to the system. On the offensive end, Salaun hasn't found consistency as a shooter but he has already been able to demonstrate how he could find his looks as a spot-up threat. Salaun is a little stiff to put the ball on the floor and change directions or pace, and sometimes plays with a high center of gravity, but that shouldn't be a lot of a concern at determining his ceiling given it doesn't have a huge impact on the role he should play at the higher levels. Salaun is also a solid offensive rebounder, and he knows how to recognize the advantages he can create without the ball by filling the lanes against slower forwards, ducking in or providing baseline cuts.

On the defensive end, Salaun has been able to help his time rotating and staying with physical wings and forwards. He still has some ways to go when it comes to developing his footwork and lateral quickness, and the above-mentioned lateral quickness can create some troubles for him against shifty guards. He's also showing his value as a defensive rebounder, not only by grabbing them, but also by boxing out and making life easier for his teammates.

U18 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Above-average athlete to fill the Forward role in Europe. He’s muscular and his lower body is great for the position: quick on straight lines, solid leaper. On the offensive end, Tidjane projects as an excellent spot-up player: his shooting mechanics are consistent and clean, he knows perfectly how to relocate and find his spots and he can position himself well in transition or in halfcourt sets. He doesn’t provide a lot of shooting versatility, but it’s easy to find him. He’s smooth driving off the catch on straight lines: difference-making first step, functional handles and long strides. His on-ball upside looks limited because his handles are not advanced and he might be a little stiff, but he already excels in his assignments and they look completely translatable. Likes contact and can dunk. Turns defense into offense and can produce in fastbreaks. On the defensive end, he’s a solid and committed rebounder with reliable weakside defense tools. He thinks quickly and doesn’t make unforced mistakes. Can switch and stay in front of ball-handlers if needed.

ANGT Patras- February 2023

Long and lengthy. Excellent size. Above-average athlete for Europe; an average for NBA standards. Quick but lacks some explosiveness. Plays with confidence. Scoring mentality. Has a green light to do whatever and sometimes he takes bad shots. Able to grab defensive rebound and go coast to coast – good in open court. Plays above the rim with either hand and able to finish through contact. On the set defense he can even play some PnR and create for himself. Solid 3p shooter. Pull up game going left most of the time. Good rebounder. Gambles on the defense. Reaches out trying to steal the ball which he gets on this level, but it will not work on the next level. Not the greatest positioning on the weak side. Occasionally leaks out when shot taken to score easy points. Great upside.

Pole Ile de France - November 2019
By Biel Colominas
Salaun has an extremely interesting body with great size, huge wingspan, wide frame, big hands and he looks far from being developed. Plays mainly off the ball as he struggles at the time to put the ball on the floor. Moves well without the ball, occupying corners and making backdoors with perfect timing. Confident shooter who has natural and quick mechanics in catch and shoot and spot up situations. Good first step attacking closeouts, being able to finish at the rim finding angles with excellent body control. Shies away of contact when driving to the basket, but it will improve as he develops and improves his body. Salaun shows great attitude on defense, and his lateral mobility is pretty good to guard smaller players. 


2019/20: Saint Charles Charenton (France)
2020/21: CFBB Paris (France)
2021/22: CFBB Paris (France)
2022/23: Cholet (ProA, France)
2023/24: Cholet (ProA, France)