5 2006's

Mario Saint-Supery

CURRENT TEAM: Tizona Burgos (Spain)
Malaga (Spain)
6´3´´ / 192 cm


Loan review- March 2024
By Artau Pascual

Saint-Supery's first steps in LEB Gold have been encouraging. He has stepped up in a role that benefits him and has been given the margin and freedom to handle a prominent offensive assignment. Puts a ton of rim pressure by attacking the paint in the first seconds of possession either in transition or in high-screen schemes. Draws plenty of fouls and plays up-tempo. Feels comfortable playing alongside another ball-handler. Will improve his off-ball once his spot-up shot gains smoothness. On the defensive end, he's currently more active than efficient. His strong and explosive lower-body provides him the foundation to be a solid on-ball defender, and he likes attempting to draw charges.

U18 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Remarkable athlete for European standards in the Guard position. Not especially wide or muscular, but his positional size is good enough, and he does great use of his main attributes: smoothness, shiftiness and fluidity. Was asked to play PG for some minutes, and he did well, although he’s more of a CG willing to take risks. His footwork is elite: wide variability package, always under control. Plays with balance and can finish either off one or two feet. His first step is elite, and he knows how to hunt mid-range spots and end with runners or floaters. He can get to the rim and finish with extensions or initiating contact. Didn’t show a lot of self-creation from the long-range, but during the season he did it. Was really consistent in spot-up. He provided big tons of effort on the defensive end drawing offensive fouls, putting his body on the line to navigate through screens and mirroring crafty ball handlers. When he plays with a sense of urgency he leads by example. 
Torneig L'Hospitalet- December 2022

In the first two games, he looked bad: poor decision-making, anxiety to score with tough shots that often broke the flow of his team’s offense, and concerning disconnections. He also struggled on the defensive end, especially against Real Madrid because they challenged him in most of their game's possessions in the first half. He recorded the best individual performance of the tournament against FC Barcelona. He was able to get to the rim at his will with an awesome vertical leap and great coordination and fluidity, he showed NBA range and led his team in clutch situations. He has the leader’s mindset and his game style is unique in Europe.

July 2021
Saint-Supery is a very skilled guard with scoring abilities, very fluid handling the ball. He also has a very good shot, with a long range, and is able to pull up off the catch with ease.


2020/21: CB Novaschool (Spain, ACB)
2021/22: CB Novaschool (Spain, ACB)
2022/23: Unicaja Málaga (Spain, ACB)
2023/24: Unicaja Málaga (Spain, ACB)
2024: Tizona Burgos (Spain, LEB Oro)