5 2005's

Nikola Topic

CURRENT TEAM: Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)
Novi Sad (Serbia)
6´6´´ / 198 cm


U18 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Elite positional size to do the PG. Strong and powerful ball-handler: does great use of his body to create driving lanes for himself, and he knows how to take advantage of his physicality to absorb contact and get to the rim. Not especially crafty or skilled on his layups, but he’s efficient and can pick up the ball at different heights in a functional way. More scoring-oriented than any other thing, but he’s a smart passer. Knows how to manipulate the pace. The outside shot was off in this tournament, and he doesn’t have the pullback fluidity to self-create jumpers at a high ratio, but he’s better than what he showed. Draws shooting fouls. Good at open court. On the defensive end, he rested and tried to avoid putting up extra efforts. Will need to be more engaged in professional basketball.

ANGT Belgrade- April 2023

Best player in the tournament. A level above the others regarding how he plays. Strong, compact body. OK athlete. Quick, not explosive. Good first step. Can beat opponents off the dribble. Changes speed well. Loves having the ball in his hands. Gets to the rim with ease. Finishes either way and above the rim. Good in open court. Solid pick&roll player. Decent floor vision. Good decision-maker. Creates for others as well as for himself. Plays well under pressure and takes big shots. Not interested in playing defense but positions himself well. 

Adidas Next Generation Tournament Finals - June 2021
Topic is a big point guard with a high IQ and good passing skills who has potential as a scorer thanks to a refined skillset as a ball-handler and as a finisher. He needs to improve physically as his change of speed is not impressive and he struggles in defense against quicker guards.


2019/20: Red Star Belgrade (Adriatic League, Serbia)
2020/21: Red Star Belgrade (Adriatic League, Serbia)
2021/22: Red Star Belgrade (Adriatic League, Serbia)
2022/23: Red Star Belgrade (Adriatic League, Serbia)
2023/24: Mega Basket (Adriatic League, Serbia)