1 2008's

Hugo Yimga Moukouri

Paris (France)
6´8´´ / 203 cm


ANGT Berlin- May 2024
By Artau Pascual

Ready body for professional basketball. Good frame for the SF spot. His skillset allows him to do both three and four at the current stage. Not the type of player to put the ball on the floor and create offense from a standstill. His driving off the catch is good and translatable to the next level. He likes chasing some mid-range spots off a few dribbles. He benefits a lot from what other ball-handlers do and is useful in many sets. The spot-up shot is slow, but he looks comfortable with his mechanics, and speeding them up shouldn’t be difficult. Elite cutter and offensive rebounder. Not afraid at all of contact, even knows how to create it. On the defensive end, he puts effort into defending wings and navigating screens. His sidewalks are good, and he plays in a low stance. Off the ball, he tries to stay in contact with his matchup, and this sometimes can mean him losing perspective of where the ball is heading. Projects as an excellent role player for every level.

ANGT Paris- April 2024

NBA potential. The body is naturally strong. NBA frame. Still has to fill in, but he will become even wider. Despite being two years younger than many on the team, he looks like the leader. Vocal. Good explosiveness. High motor. Moukouri shot better than usual in Paris (40% from 3, on 2.5 3PTA per game). Inconsistent shooter. The touch looks bad. Uses his body to produce on offense. Not skill. Limited handles and on-ball creation. What makes him an NBA prospect is his motor and defensive versatility. Navigates screens. It doesn't look like he has the potential to have an active role on offense in the modern NBA. Mainly a spot-up shooter and off-ball player.

U16 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Strong and compact combo forward. Muscular body, long neck. He’s not a great leaper and needs to keep working on his explosiveness, but his core strength is at an excellent level to compete against overage opponents. He also has remarkable hip fluidity and plays with a lower center of gravity. Great spot-up shooter: he opens a little too much the elbow, but he has a smooth and quick release. He’s also good at driving: on straight lines, he knows how to create space with his size and chest, and he also can play backwards if he recognizes a mismatch. He’s right-handed but can do well with both hands to dribble or finish. Smart cutter and can pass the ball against zone defenses, so he’s not stagnant in halfcourt offense. Needs to improve his jumping technique. On the defensive end, Hugo is responsible and committed: he won’t be able to defend crafty guards at higher levels, but he’s great at adjusting spaces and switching because of his size and defensive perception. Can pick up some steals because of how low he plays. 

General overview- February 2023

Skilled wing with great frame and promising self-creation ability. He's a good slasher: great first step and good footwork. His contact absorption ability is consistent, and the touch is good. He can work on straight lines or shift directions with ease. In addition, Hugo Yimga Moukouri has developed good movements such as side-steps or step-backs: he gains a lot of space with his steps and his shooting mechanics look solid. On the defensive end he creates tons of easy points jumping passing lanes and thanks to his size and motor he can match up with almost every type of perimeter player.


2021/22: Nanterre (LNB, France)
2022/23: INSEP (France, LNB)
2023/24: INSEP (France, LNB)