2 2006's

Noa Essengue

CURRENT TEAM: Ratiopharm Ülm (Germany)
Orleans (France)
6´9´´ / 207 cm


ANGT Dubai- March 2024
By Artau Pascual

Best player and best prospect in the event. Didn't need to put a huge amount of effort to dominate during the most part of the event. He played out of his comfort zone on the offensive end: took some shots he usually doesn't, handled perimeter duties and tried to create offense for himself and for the others. Mixed bag of results. Shot selection was weird, but useful enough to evaluate him in a different scenario. Did really well at finishing plays and no one could stop him on the drive or open floor -the areas he typically dominates. Leaks out really well in transition and can lead the break.

Many ups and downs on defense, but he's able to create events and, when engaged, he projects as a player who can have a positive impact at both 4 and 5 spots. Jumps at passing lanes, positioning comes easily to him and has the tools to be a weakside rim protector.

U18 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Noa Essengue has done some impressive physical strides during this season: he has added some upper-body strength and his athleticism in straight lines is at an excellent level. In this U18, he thrived occupying the 5-man spaces: he felt comfortable operating through cuts and short relocations, took advantage of his power in transitions and fastbreaks and was able to attack closeouts against slower forwards and bigs. He didn’t show a lot of shooting range, but against Spain he hit an intriguing jumper off movement. On defense, he put up a tremendous effort jumping passing lanes and collecting steals when the opponent was trying to set the offense. He also was solid in the post because of his chest and core strength, and he hustled back well in transition. Needs to improve his tactical awareness at rotating and helping.

ANGT Belgrade- April 2023

Decent body frame. Above average athlete for Europe. Very long arms. Light on feet. Great motor. Still raw. Poor shooting mechanics. Plays above the rim. Active on boards on both ends. Leaking out after shot for quick points in transition. Uses his length on the defensive end of the floor. 


2021/22: Pole France (France) 
2022/23: Pole France (France)
2023/24: Ratiopharm Ülm (Germany, BBL)