3 2007's

Hugo Facorat

CURRENT TEAM: Elan Barnais (France)
6´10´´ / 208 cm


ANGT Paris- April 2024
By Pietro Cristofori

Facorat has an NBA body. Classic French-prospect frame. Lanky, narrow, with a high wingspan. Amazing coordination for a guy of that size. He has to add muscles, but on the long run, he will be able to do that. He played on the perimeter all tournament long. Puts the ball on the floor. Decent shooter: mechanics are not fluid yet. But the touch looks ok. On defense, he was able to switch from 1 to 4. He's a better defender on the perimeter than in the low post. Inconsistent. He leads NGT Paris' comeback in the final game, but he's also able to be inefficient for several minutes. NBA potential. Projects as an interior creator at that level. The main concerns with him are his inconsistency and “tweener” issue.

U16 European Championship- August 2023
By Artau Pascual

Played a limited role because he went through injuries and soreness during the tournament. A skinny player with long extremities. He’s not done growing: he doesn’t walk erect and his lower body isn’t built. He has no muscles and his knees are not stable yet either. He has intriguing shooting versatility for his size and can put the ball on the floor, his ball-handling ability is uncommon for a player of his size. Needs to improve his focus and motor.

General overview- April 2023

Athletic forward with long wingspan, great vertical leap and good motor. Thrives in open floor situations and can put the ball on the floor and attack off the dribble with uncommon skills for a player of his size. Low center of gravity and tight handles. Can shoot the ball from outside, mainly from the corner. On the defensive end his physical attributes are enough to make a huge impact right now: good shot-blocker and pretty solid weak side defender. Needs to focus on his tactical development.


2022/23: Elan Barnais (France)
2023/24: Elan Barnais (France)