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Founded by Martí Artigas and Pere Capdevila, Eurohopes is making steps forward since its creation in October 2009.
With Artigas leaving the site to join Orlando Magic (NBA) as International Scout and Capdevila departing to become the Youth Teams Sports Director in FC Barcelona, EH has kept developing.
Rafal Juc, who was the Director of Scouting during 2012/13 season, signed as International Scout for Denver Nuggets (NBA).
Then, Ruben Alcaraz took over the service before leaving for a position in FC Barcelona where he is now the Head of Scouting.
In the summer of 2016, Francesco Cavalli became the new Director of Scouting and developed the service during his three years span until he signed with Washington Wizards (NBA).
In September 2019, Albert Robledillo joined Eurohopes as a Director of Scouting where he spent two years before joining the Golden State Warriors (NBA) as International Scout. Eugenio Agostinelli became the Director of Scouting.
In October 2022, Eugenio Agostinelli became Tezenis Verona Sports Director. Nowadays, Artau Pascual is the Director of Scouting.

Rankings of each generation are done by our staff using different sources. We travel around Europe watching tournaments on live
and getting information about many European prospects. We also follow all the leagues, receiving feedbacks from many partners we have around.

We are based in Palamós, Girona.  
The Eurohopes.com Team: 
Joan Danes - Director of Operations - @joandanes - jdanes@eurohopes.com
Artau Pascual - Director of Scouting - @artau_pascual  - apascual@eurohopes.com
Luka Drca - Assistant to Director of Scouting - @luka_drca - ldrca@eurohopes.com
Pietro Cristofori - Chief Editor - @PCristofori03 - pcristofori@eurohopes.com 
Former Eurohopes.com Team members (HALL OF FAME)
Marti Artigas (International Scout for Orlando Magic, NBA) - Co-founder
Pere Capdevila (NBA Academies and Elite Talent program, NBA) - Co-founder
Rafal Juc (International Scout for Denver Nuggets, NBA) - Director of Scouting
Ruben Alcaraz (Head of Scouting for FC Barcelona) - Director of Scouting
Francesco Cavalli (International Scout for Washington Wizards, NBA) - Director of Scouting
Albert Robledillo (International Scout for Golden State Warriors, NBA) - Director of Scouting
Biel Colominas (International Scout for Sacramento Kings, NBA) - Editor in Chief
Danny Mills (General Manager of Perth Wildcats, NBL) - Collaborator
Luca Virgilio (Director of Basketball Operations for University of Nebraska, NCAA) - Collaborator
Vedran Modric (Scout, Croatian National Team) - Collaborator 
Jordan Sensi (Basketball Operations Intern for Houston Rockets, NBA) - Collaborator
Eugenio Agostinelli (Sports Director of Tezenis Verona)- Director of Scouting

We provide two different services:

Basic service:
Subscribers will have full access to our website and will receive
general information about prospects (8-12 newsletter per year)

Premium service (Exclusive for NCAA colleges):
Subscribers will have full access to our website and will receive newsletter
monthly and after every event we'll attend (1-3 newsletter per month)

NCAA Division I basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to this scouting service. For more information, visit https://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/recruiting/scouting-services-approval.
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