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The Best Traditions of the Balkans Combined… in Darko Bajo
By Peter Toth

It is Zagreb, the U16 national selection is having a training to keep the team fit and together. Many interesting players on all posts, Antonio Jordano as point guard, Kresimir Nikic (1999), the young seven-footer we have first introduced to the international public, as their huge center.
It is not them, however, that we are so surprised to see here, but the small forward of the Croatian U16 team, the 15 year-old Darko Bajo. Darko is playing for the, Bosnian team KK Spars from Sarajevo. He has just returned from the Citta di Roma Tournament where he got the 3rd place with Spars and, despite being one of the youngest players, took part in the dunking competition and made great statistics at the games. So I cannot resist taking this occasion to meet him and know more.

At 6’9” Darko (1999) is quite tall, has a very athletic built of 210lb, size 14 shoe, that lends him not only a strong presence under the rim, but also considerable speed, and a good vertical jump. Despite his position as small forward, he is a formidable rebounder and a very confident shooter with a good stretch and reliable hand. Once approached, he betrays a cheerful and open personality answering in a good English.

“I am originally from Vitez, a little town in Bosnia, but I am Croatian by nationality, so I have a sort of double identity. I play for a Bosnian team in most of my time, but as a Croatian I’m part of the national team of this country too, combining all the advantage these two great traditions of Balkan basketball can offer. I usually come to Zagreb for a week of intense training, bringing a lot but taking even more. So both teams are really happy for this bridge I make through the borders". The father of the huge youngster was already a baller back in Bosnia, but his career was sadly interrupted by the war. Following his tracks, his son started basketball already at 6 with his town’s team. As being constantly taller than anyone else around him, he has always been together with older guys, learning a lot not only in terms of the game, playing many positions at the same time, but also mentally to face and bear the challenge and intensity of the game.

“I was 13, topping 6’6” at that time, when I left Vitez and came to Spars, in the hope of getting more challenge and tension the things I like most in basketball. Thanks to my former experience in playing with the older generation, I soon became a member of the U16 team, so – being a year younger - I won first place at the national championship in Bosnia and played many international games with Spars.”

“I know I still need to improve further, I am working on my shooting, post up and on strength. But with the athletic abilities I have, I am using my firm Bosnian basis to build Croatian techniques on it, so having all this together, I hope to be able to develop to a very good international level and to get, possibly even to the NBA.”


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