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Copenhagen Invitational 2015

Last week the 8th annual of Copenhagen Invitational was played in Denmark. The tournament is for boys and girls playing under 14 and under 15. The U15 has grown a lot the past few years and this year’s tournament had 16 teams from all over Europe.

Group A: Iceland won the group led by their two all stars Arnor Sveinsson (6’2) and Sigvaldi Eggertsson (6’4)– two very good slashers who could mix their game by shooting beyond the arc. Iceland had a slow start against Denmark Red only winning by 2 points, but in the group final against Estonia they really showed good character and great skills. Estonia walked into that game with 2 big wins and looked like a team who could win it all. They showed great size for all positions and were led by all star Henrik Drell (6’5) and had good help players like Hendrik Eelmäe (6’3) and Mikk Jurkatamm (6’1) who shot well from outside. Denmark Red won their only against Romania, but none of them could compete with the two top teams in the group. 

Group B: In this group 3 teams fought for – Topsportschool VBL, Slovakia and Sweden Blue. After Slovakia won against Sweden in their last group game, Topsportschool VBL was forced to win against Norway to secure and a semifinal. And they did – pretty easily – 92-55 almost a 40 point win led by a great team effort were you could that they practice together on a daily basis, what is a big advantage against national teams who haven’t played or practiced must together. Slovakia ended up second and Sweden Blue with great shooters like Eddie Czerapowicz (5’5) and Erik Persson (6’0) ended up third. Norway lead by a little point guard Sigurd Lorange (5’7) who showed great skills, good ballhandling and nice shooting form, didn’t get any wins. 

Group C: In this group Berlin easily secured their way to the semis by winning all three games without big problems. They showed great size and some well-developed bodies, especially under the basket with Drescher Hendrick (6’7) who forced a lot of trouble for other teams with good positioning and touch around the basket. It was also great to see Mini Copa MVP Kareem Queely (6’2 ’01) with England National Team even though he is a year younger. England ended up third after winning against Denmark White and losing to Finland Blue. Denmark was again led by Anton Harbo (6’2) who was one of the best scores of the tournament.

Group D: The most equal where we couldn’t guess who would go thru to the semis before the last game were played. Last year’s champions Luxembourg got a great start winning against Sweden Yellow and Finland White, and even though they lost to Niedzwiadki in their last game, they could the ticket to semi finals. They were led by (now) two times All Star and the team’s best scorer Ben Kovac (6’3) and Lou Demuth (6’8) who this year showed pretty good shooting form for a big guy. Sweden Yellow with Olle Stümer (6’3) - younger brother of Peppe Stümer (99’) – on the team ended up second. 

Finals: In the semi finals Iceland beat Topsportschool VBL in a close game 49-45 and Berlin last year’s champions Luxembourg 70-57. Sunday was the day of the finals and both the bronze and goldmedal game was played at the time. Topsportschool got the bronze medals by winning the closer of the two games 76-65. In the final Berlin got off to a great start up by 14-1 early in 1.q. Iceland had a hard time fighting back and it never really got close. Berlin was crowned as winners (see picture) after an 84-59 win.  

All Star Team: Drescher Hendrick (Berlin), Ben Kovac (Luxembourg), Arnor Sveinsson (Iceland), Sigvaldi Eggertsson (Iceland), Henri Drell (Estonia) 
Final standings
1. Berlin
2. Iceland
3. Topsportschool VBL
4. Luxembourg
5. Estonia
6. Sweden Yellow
7. Finland Blue
8. Slovakia
9. England
10. Sweden Blue
11. Finland White
12. Denmark Red
13. Romania
14. Niedzwiadki
15. Norway
16. Denmark White

More info af where links for games also can be found.


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