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Pálsson to EH: ''We build icelandic team on talking and trust''
At Iceland is not easy to find a basketball pearl, but Eurohopes ranks Haukur Palsson as number 4 of the prospects borned in 1992, only behind Enes Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas and Evan Fournier. The forward played last year in Italy (division C Stella Azzurra), but this summer he decided to make a step forward travelling to USA and signing for Montverde Academy, a school in Florida. Before, he had time to show what is capable to do in the Division B U-18 European Championship at Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The icelandic player collected 15.6 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.8 steals (one summer before, in the Division B U-16 he scored 41 points against Belgium). EH follow him on live at Sarajevo, and now was time to contact him.
-Please, explain all the Eurohopes fans how a sixteen years old icelandic boy has been playing in Italy with 16 years old. How tough was that decision?
Actually I'm playing in USA at a school called Montverde Academy, which is ranked number 12 in the nation. That decision was pretty tough, leaving my family and friends and my country which I grew up. I got a lot of memories from that place and they will follow me were ever I may go.
-How do you think you’ve grown mentally and physically since you left Iceland?
Well, mentally I've grown quite a bit because know you don't have your mother or father to do stuff that they used to do for you. Now you have to do it all by yourself because I live in a dorm with 76 guys from all over the world, Physically I have gotten a lot stronger because at this school. We lift weights 3-4 times a week and we play tough.
-For people that have not seen you play, what NBA or european player would you say you are most similar to? In which position do you prefer to play?
My favorite player in the NBA is Kobe Bryant. I don't know who I play similar to but I like to drive to the basket and find the open man but, if you give me an open shot I will take it.
-Can you explain us your seansations after your participation in the U-18 Division B European championship with Iceland? EH was there and we really saw a special group.
We actually ended up in 13th place, but we should have been higher in the rankings. We lost to Poland by 2 and Sweden by 8 and they both went up to A division. The national team of iceland has a lot of talent. Most of the guys can dribble very good and shoot the ball well, and we just play as a team. In defense we play as a team and talk, which was the key thing. We don't have the strongest guys or the tallest team, but we just love to play the game and we had a good moral. We build our team on talking and trust!
-What are your plans for next season?
My plans for next season are either going to college or to Europe. I am still not certain but I have a lot of time to think about it and I will take my time thinking on it. 
-Good luck from Eurohopes. 


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