And after publishing the "Shooting Charts" of the prospects who attended the Adidas Eurocamp of Treviso (Italy) today we release the "Vitals" (FT/ LB or CM/KG). These are really interesting registers of different concepts like Wingspan, Body fat or Vertical Jump Free. To check all the players you must go to the links we attached. Now we will see the best and worst of each category (we found some mistakes also).


Height: Tallest (Samuel Deguara 7'3'') and Shortest (Andrew Albicy 5'9'').


Height with shoes: Tallest (Samuel Deguara 7'4'') and Shortest (Andrew Albicy 5'10'').


Standing Reach: Best (Dusan Cantekin 9'4'') and Worst (Andrew Albicy and Denys Lukashov 7'6'').


Weight: Heaviest (Samuel Deguara 300) and Lightest (Andrew Albicy 171).


Body Fat %: Best (Joffrey Lauvergne 3.15) and Worst (Dimitry Khvostov 14.76).


Wingspan: Best (Bismack Biyombo 7'6'') and Worst (Andrew Albicy 5'11'').


3/4 Court Sprint: Fastest (Edwin Jackson 3''06) and Slowest (Samuel Deguara 4''21).


Vertical Jump st.: Best (Nemanja Nedovic 2'8'') and Worst (Robin Benzing 1'0'').


Vertical Jump Free: Best (Nemanja Nedovic 3'5'') and Worst (Dusan Cantekin and Lucas Nogueira 1'9'').


Photo: Eurohopes