By Rafal Juc


"I moved to United States because I wanted to study and play basketball and my dream is to play in the NCAA", says Dusan Langura ('93). Furtah Prep School guard from class 2012 is still available. 18-years-old prospect, who originally comes from Switzerland, won Swiss National Championship on 2008 and 2009 with Fribourg Olympic back to back and was selected MVP of 2009 finals. As a result of impressive performances he went with national team to U16 European Championship Division B twice, in 2008 and 2009. In addition, Swiss guard has took part in the Jordan Brand Classic which features the top 30 European Prospects Class of 2012 in Vilnius in Lithuania and won 3-point shooting contest there.

"I moved to the United States because I wanted to study and play basketball and my dream is to play in the NCAA. Right now I didn't make any choice for my future but I am open to any options. I have a lot of interest in Denver, Texas A&M, Colorado, Oakland, Fresno State, Longwood, Montana and Utah Valley”, explains Langura. Swiss prospect has good size for a combo guard at 6’4’’ with a solid body building. He seems to be a terrific 3-point shooter, who shows ability to make shots as well off the catch as off the dribble. "I want to improve constantly all aspects of my game because as a guard in order to play at the next level, I should be able to defend, shoot, drive and be a leader on the court and off the court", ends Langura.

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