By Marc Kongsgaard

Jacob Glarbjerg Larsen (6’11” ’97) is one of the best players in his class. Has so much talent and has potential to become a NBA player in the future. DK4sport made an interview with the Danish PF/C few weeks ago and was uploaded to Youtube this week. Here is an almost literally translation of the interview with him.

-Why did you start playing basketball?
I started playing basketball because I was inspired by my brother Rasmus Glarbjerg Larsen (7’0” ’94), and I knew that my height would be an advantage. We had a basket in our backyard, and it was really fun to play basketball. I play basketball because it is fun and because I’m very good to play basketball.

-What do you want to improve?
I really want to improve my outside game and my ball-handling. The way I will improve this is with a lot of practices. I have mourning practices where we only work on individually things.

-When did you start taking basketball more seriously?
It starts being seriously when it came close to U16 European Championship in 2012 where I was selected. It was really great to play at the U16 EC, so I decided to do that again the year after. You get a lot when you are playing at the national team. One thing is the international experience, where you can compare yourself with other players from your generation in other countries. It’s strength to know how good you level are. It is more intensive outside Denmark and the level is higher, so you can learnsomething and then use it back in Denmark.

-What is your dream about basketball?
My dream about basketball is to live with just playing basketball and I hope it will be in USA - NBA, which is the dream for many people. First I want to go to college and then might take the step to NBA from college, beside my brother Rasmus, who chose to play in Europe. The next step for me is to dominate the second best league in Denmark. After that I hope to take the step to the best Danish league, where I hope I can dominate the league and then go to college.


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Photo: FIBA Europe