By Marcel Babinski

Assco AMW Gdynia (Champion)
Bartłomiej Pietras, PF/C, 209 cm (’98) - MVP of the tournament and top scorer. Bartek developed his game during the season. Has improved his body and athleticism, but still has to continue working on both. His footwork in the post is looking better too. Good at finishing with both hands Pietras likes to share the ball as he shown some promising passing skills in the tournament. Dangerous with his outside shot as well.
Filip Stryjewski, PG/SG, 194 cm (’99) -  Stryjewski is a combo guard who likes to attack the basket. He is not afraid of contact under the rim. He has long arms which make difficult for the defender to guard his jump shot. Filip has a decent 3-point shot, and solid dribbling skills. Really good defensively, but needs to be more aggressive. Lacks some strength but he is physically not developed yet. Was named in the All-Tournament Team.
Grzegorz Kaminski, SG/SF, 200 cm (’00) - Grzegorz is for sure one of the most talented players in Poland. Great body and size for a guard but right now plays all backcourt positions. Really explosive first step, he can penetrate on both sides. Improved his shot this season which makes him the most versatile player in his team. Kaminski has an ability to hit difficult shots, he likes to post up and take a fadeaway. Extremely efficient on the defensive end, can guard multiple positions. Had a 20-point game in the final.
WKK Wrocław (Runner up)
Jakub Kobel, PG, 185 cm (’98) - The best point guard of his generation in the country. Skilled, loves to change direction, aggressive with the ball. He controls the tempo of the game well, elite at reading the pick and roll. Kobel is a born leader, has great personality, gathers the team together. Natural 3-point shooter and has limitless range from outside, but needs to work on pull up jump shots as right now he’s more efficient off the catch. Body still developing.
Michał Jodłowski, C, 207 cm (’98) - Michał is a skilled big man with great athleticism. He hustles on the glass and can easily score on put-backs. Has really good mobility. He can penetrate from the perimeter, even though he’s still not consistent with it yet. Has a soft touch from outside. Solid rim protector and shot blocker.
Dominik Rutkowski, SG, 194 cm (’98) - Dominik is a guard with solid slashing ability. He still has some issue with the consistency of his jumper, but when he’s in rhythm he is a killer from outside. Seems to be heavy and not too fast but still winning one-on-one situations thanks to his strength. On the other side of the court he is solid, he likes to fight and use his natural strength.
Exact Systems Śląsk Wrocław (3rd place)

Jakub Musiał, SG, 185 cm (’98) - Musiał is a shooting guard with very good ability to play the pick and roll. Awarded as the best defender of the tournament. Jakub plays really aggressive defense due to his great agility. He is highly efficient in running off screens for shots and has almost perfect footwork. Likes to go strong at the rim. Shows positive body language on the court.
Tomek Żeleźniak, SF, 200 cm (’98) - Tomek is a 3 man with really long wingspan who likes to shoot from every angle and position. He developed his pull up jump shot after one or two dribbles. Not much of a slasher, but definitely a solid scorer who plays under control and is willing to make plays for his team. Solid defensively thanks to his long wingspan.
Dominik Wilczek, SG, 193 cm (’99) - Shooter with solid IQ. Wilczek is gifted with very good footwork and body. He is not afraid to take contested shots. Needs to work on his one-on-one defense.
Rosa Radom (4th place)

Mateusz Szczypiński, SG/SF, 194 cm (’98) - Mateusz has some serious offensive talent and skills. He’s good in one-on-one game. He has a weird-looking shot and needs to work on his shot selection, but can shoot from 8/9 meters. His body and frame look good but he’s not using in full his athleticism. Bad body language and overall attitude can limit his potential.
Biofarm Basket Junior Poznań (6th place)

Mikołaj Kurpisz, PF, 202 cm (’98) - Kurpisz is really strong power forward with great feeling for rebounds. His jumper has to be respected. Needs to work on post up moves. Clearly has developed his body and looks like a grown man already, which makes him ready for professional basketball.
Michał Samsonowicz, SG, 187 cm (’98) - Samsonowicz is a fast twitching guard who runs the floor hard and has really good jump shot. He plays with motor on defense and likes to press the ball, but sometimes tends to look too much for the ball. His spot up shot is elite. He likes to look for fouls while taking a jump shot. The fastest shooting guard in his class in Poland.