By Luka Drca

Kurt Curry Wegscheider (‘01 – NBA Academy Africa) is a 6’3 combo guard. Ok athlete. He is the main shooter on this team. Takes more threes than twos. He feels comfortable taking shots from deep but he is not consistent. Takes a lot of bad shots as well and that might be a reason for missing lot of them. More of a scorer than assist guy. Good with the ball and knows how to play 1on1 and create shots for himself. Solid defender.

Joshua Chidiebele Ojinwuna (’03 – NBA Academy Africa) is one of the youngest players in the team. Standing at 6’10, he’s extremely long and athletic. It looks like he will grow another inch or two. He is a prototype of a modern center position. Runs the floor well. Finishes around the rim, needs the improve his shooting. Very active on the glass on both ends of the floor. Looks like he is enjoying playing the game. On defensive end he needs to learn positioning. 1on1 defense is solid. Has a great potential.

Tomas Butrimas (‘99 – London United) has the best potential on this team. Great body frame. Stands at 6’9, and he is really athletic. NBA type of body. Because of his athleticism he tries to finish over everyone. Pretty explosive. Has solid shooting mechanics but doesn’t shoot threes. Great rebounder on both ends of floor. Looks somewhat cocky on the floor and not really interested in playing defense. Not a good passer. He is playing at the center position for this team even though he doesn’t get on the post. His natural position is PF but he wasn’t shooting the ball from outside during this tournament. Overall this kid has great potential. His stats from this tournament look impressive: 18.3 points, 14.5 rebounds. Questionable basketball IQ.

Karl Gustav Paloots (‘01 – TTU BA Tallinn) is a tall (6’9) and lengthy big man. Runs the floor well. Really active on both ends of the floor. Great energy but sometimes gets out of control and commits turnovers. Finishes with both hands around the rim. Good rebounder. Great free throw shooter. Doesn’t shoot threes but solid from mid-range. Try to block all the shots which gets him out of the position. The kid with greatest potential on this team.

Balint Andre Scherer (‘01 – Ratgeber Academy Pecs). He is a skinny, long 6’6 wing that is quite athletic and agile. This kid is constantly moving - with and without the ball. He averaged 18 points, 4 rebounds in 30 minutes. Looks like he might grow another inch. Always on the offensive board. On defense he is leaking out trying to score an easy layup. Good spot up shooter. Finishes through contact. His moves are somewhat extraordinary but he finds a way to score. Solid lateral movements on defense, but he is missing strength od defense. Overall this kid has potential and he is worth following.

James Ogohukwu Nnaji (’04 – Ratgeber Academy Pecs) is the youngest kid in his team. He is a 6’10 center from Nigeria. Plays fearless. Started practicing basketball only one and a half year ago. He was playing limited minutes due to his late arrival to this team (just three days before the tournament). He is really long, skinny, and his legs and arms are still a little dysfunctional. Great instict for blocking shots. Not afraid of contact. He is light on his feet and pretty good athlete for his age. This kid is still learning the game. Always on the boards. He is enjoying the game and always have smile on his face.

Victor Telecky (’00 – USK Prague) is the best player in his team. He is a lefty shooter, but also can handle the ball. Solid PnR player. Takes his time on offense (uses hesitation dribbling) and his moves are smooth. He is 6’3 and skinny, lengthy and plays through contact. The kid is a solid athlete even though he could improve his strength. Drives both sides but usually when driving right he ends up taking a mid-range shot and when going left he goes straight to the hoop. He only played two games and those two USK Prague won. Mostly creates for himself, he is a scorer. On defense he is trying to steal the ball and gambles a lot.

Attila Polster (’00 – Alba Fehervar). He is an athletic and long 6’6 SG/SF. This kid played two games and averaged 21.5 points and 9 rebounds in 30 minutes (Alba won those two games). He is playing with high energy and he looks pretty confident on the floor. Good shooting mechanics and he is not afraid of shooting in another players face. He is missing mid-range game, which means that he either shoots threes or drives to the rim. Good finisher around the rim. Explosive first step. Could improve dribbling and movement without the ball. Creates for himself first and if there is no other option he passes the ball. Always going for a rebound on both ends of the floor. Pretty active on the defense. Good lateral movements. Plays through contact a lot. He is the oldest in his team and takes pride of that.

Ekenedilichukwu Promise Udemezue (’05 – Alba Fehervar) is the youngest player in the whole tournament. 6’4 native Nigerian that plays all perimeter positions. Lengthy, skinny, but not soft. Not afraid of contact. Tries to finish through people. He has a long first step. Despite his age (looks like he will grow another 2-3 inches) he is already light on his feet with solid explosiveness. This kid plays under control and doesn’t do things he is not capable of. Doesn’t shoot the ball too much but moves constantly on offense which gives him a good position for an offensive rebound. Mostly scores on drives and put-backs. His shot looks good and that is something he can implement in his game in the future. He takes pride on the defensive end of the floor. He can guard all perimeter positions and sometimes he presses full court on his own. Tries to reach and gets out of the defensive stands, but overall he is a good defender. This kid has a bright future in front of him and he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Pablo Rodrigo Fernandez De Heredia (’02 – Spanish Basketball Academy) is a product of Real Madrid basketball school. This is his first year with Spanish Basketball Academy. Pretty dedicated kid. He is a 6’3 combo guard that understands the game well.  He has strong body which allows him to play through contact. Good PnR player. This kid does a little of everything. He averaged 18 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds in 32 minutes. Shoots off the dribble going both ways. Comes off screen to shoot. Excellent footwork coming into shots. Finding good solutions in traffic and trying to make his teammates better. Arrogant on the floor and plays hard on both ends. Always guards best outside player on the opponent’s team. Needs to work on jumping abilities. Missing some explosiveness as well. He has a high basketball IQ. Good defensive rebounder for a guard.

Babacar Mbye (’02 – Spanish Basketball Academy) is a big 6’10 kid from Gambia. Talented big guy with heavy legs. Solid body frame. On the post he takes off balance shots (Dirk Nowitzki-like), and makes them.  Doesn’t play through contact. Struggles against kids his height and strength. Against NBA African Academy he really struggled. The kid is well coordinated but he has ‘heavy’ legs (not explosive). Excellent shooting mechanics. Good free throw shooter. Doesn’t shoot threes but has a good mid-range game. Not interested in playing defense at all. Doesn’t even block shots. He is just a big body in the paint but guards go by him and finish. Averaged 19.5 points, 9 rebounds but against strong bodies from NBA Academy Africa he scored 2 points and had 5 rebounds. Has good potential but needs to work harder. 

Michee Kabongo (’02 – Independents Basketball France). He is a small (6’1) combo guard from Congo. He averaged 15.3 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists in 30 minutes. He is a great rebounder for his size. Plays hard, more of a 3on3 type of player. The kid is just a baller. His lack of size and strength is compensated by huge energy. He plays every game like it’s his last. Presses the ball whole court and creates problems for opposite team guards.

Stilianos Lettfalt (’01 – Djugarden Basket) is a combo guard and the best player in his team. This kid does a little of everything. His percentages this tournament weren’t high but he does everything with confidence. His shots just weren’t falling in. His shooting mechanics are good. He is more of a mid-range shooter off the dribble than three-point shooter. Eventually he takes threes. Drives both sides-left and right, plays through contact. An average athlete with compact body that stands at 6’4. High basketball IQ. Good lateral quickness and solid defender.

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