By Biel Colominas
The first Junior Adriatic League Tournament was held in Belgrade, Serbia and Zadar, Croatia. Eurohopes attended tournament in Zadar where participated Red Star Belgrade, Primorska, MZT Skopje, Cedevita Olimpija, Zadar and Mornar. Red Star Belgrade and Primorska qualified for the final stage.
Below you can find the top prospects from each team from the tournament in Zadar, Croatia. 
Nikola Manojlovic (‘02). Red Star Belgrade. 6’6, SF/SG, Serbia
Manojlovic is an above average passer with high IQ who has the ability to find teammates in different situations. He has good array of solutions to score at the rim with both hands and soft touch; lacks explosiveness as a finisher though. He can hit shots off the catch from beyond the arc. He is a smart off-ball defender with good feel to get steals on weak side rotations.   
Marko Pavicevic (‘01). Red Star Belgrade. 6’10, C, Serbia
Pavicevic has a big body but lacks significant athleticism. He is a high basketball IQ player who excels as a passer from high and low post. He has solid footwork and ability to score around his defender in the low post, but he cannot play above the rim. He has range as a shooter with time and space. He lacks quickness to switch on smaller players.
Lazar Vasic (‘01). Red Star Belgrade. 6’3, PG, Serbia
Vasic is a small, strong and explosive guard. He is a fearless driver, attacks the rim aggressively and can score absorbing contacts. He plays P&R at different speeds and finds the weak side after turning the corner. He is just an average shooter. His quick feet allow him to put pressure on the ball-handler and he is pesky using his hands.
Rok Nemanic (‘01). Primorska. 6’4, SG, Slovenia
Nemanic is a strong shooting guard with scoring first mentality. He is able to score on and off the ball from all three levels. He is a very good shooter coming off screens, but his shot selection is sometimes shaky. He attacks fearless the rim, being able to score against contact and also to kick the ball out. High motor defender: plays physical, fights to come over screens and he is aggressive cutting passing lanes.
Urban Hrovat (’01). Primorska. 6’2, PG, Slovenia
Hrovat is a small point guard who displays great leadership on the court. Great ball-handler who plays at different speed and can easily create his shot off the dribble. He keeps his dribble alive on P&R, takes quick decisions, finds the weak side and has an excellent pull-up jumper from the elbow of the zone.  
Sasa Ciani (‘03). Primorska. 6’9, C, Slovenia
Ciani has promising frame and long wingspan. He has willingness to play through physical contact despite lacking some athleticism and strength. He basically scores off easy catches and after offensive rebounds; needs to work on his touch and weak hand. Excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor, showing great instincts and timing. He struggles to match smaller players due to his slow lateral mobility.
Viktor Isajloski (‘01). MZT Skopje. 6’6, SF, North Macedonia
Isajloski’s body is fully developed and looks ready for the pro level. He does what is capable to do and takes good decisions on the court. His main threat is shooting ability from beyond the arc, being very effective in catch and shoot situations. He is not able to create his own shot off the dribble, as he lacks some ball skills and quickness to gain space. His court vision and passing are worth mentioning.
Egor Sytnikov (‘02). Cedevita Olimpija. 6’5, SF, Russia
Sytnikov is a thin wing who stands out for his shooting skills (averaged 50% 3s per game, out of 6 attempts), being a high-level shooter off the catch with consistent mechanics and quick release. He mainly plays off the ball, waiting for spot up shots or to attack closeouts where he loves to finish with smooth right-handed runners. He is aggressive attacking for offensive rebounds.  
Duje Brala (‘03). Zadar. 6’5, SF, Croatia
Brala is an early bloomer from a physical and athletic standpoint. He is at his best attacking on the move, driving fearless without shying away of contact. He lacks some skills and quickness on 1-on-1, and needs to improve a lot his left hand. He doesn’t stand out as a shooter. He plays physical on defense, shows good anticipation to cut passing lanes and does a great job to grab rebounds.
Vasilije Vucinic (‘01). Mornar. 6’10, C, Montenegro
Vucinic is a long and skinny big man who has potential to add weight and strength. He has solid footwork to play 1-on-1 in the low post, uses quick spin moves and has soft touch with either hands. He uses well his length to grab rebounds and follows his own miss on the offensive end. He has excellent feel and instincts to block shots coming from the weak side (averaged 2.2 blocks per game).