By Reinaldo Bessa

Coming from a big performance in The Grind Session with 44 points, 17 rebounds and 3 assists, Silas Sunday (2003) showed he is high value in the 2022 class. With a refined skillset, Sunday is a tremendous presence on both ends of the floor.

How did you start playing basketball?
My dad was the one who introduced me to basketball. I started playing for the Liffey Celtics (Ireland) and after I played for the East Regional Team for Dublin. That’s where I met coach Rob White that later introduced me to coach Dana Dingle who later brought me to the USA with a scholarship.

You never represented the Irish National Team. Is that a dream you want to fulfill?
Yes. That’s definitely something I want to fulfill later in my career, to be able to play for and help my country.

Why did you choose moving to America over staying in Europe?
My dream is to play in the NBA and I was playing extremely well at home so Coach Rob, Coach Dana and all the others got me this chance. That makes me a step closer to my goal since it was always a dream to go to the USA. 

How was your preparation during the lockdown?
Coach Dana and Coach Peter were holding workouts at our gym at Our Savior Lutheran (NY) for the NY Lightning program. All the kids were coming in and we did all the work from cardio, to strength and in-field practice to improve our basketball skills.

You have been performing really good lately, how is your recruitment going?
When my sophomore year was over, during the lockdown period, the offers started to flow. It has been crazy because I remember gaining two and three offers a day. Now, with my performances, I’m gaining more and more interest from several schools.

Which are your top colleges at the moment?
Kansas State, Wake Forest, Rutgers, Illinois, Nebraska and St. John’s but I also have interest from Kansas, Pitt, Tulsa, Iona and Cincinnati.

What's your main goal as a basketball player?
I want to be a professional player in the NBA and I pretend to follow the path that is going to lead me there in the best way.