By Reinaldo Bessa

2003-born prospect, Bo Klintman is one of the highest regarded players in Europe in the 2022 class. Klintman, who already holds offers from Kansas, Virginia, Rutgers, Nebraska, Santa Clara, San Francisco among others, is currently playing in Sweden for Boras Basket but next year he will join Sunrise Christian (KS), as he announced early this month.
Why did you choose to move to the States prior to your graduation?
Because I want to be as ready as possible for college and get used to the playing style, like the tempo or the physicality. Besides that, Sunrise Christian, is a great opportunity for me to develop myself as a player and as a person.
How do you see fitting yourself in a new playing style?
I love to play fast as many teams in the States do: trying to score a lot of fastbreak points and shooting three-pointers. Those are the things that fit my game.
Why did you choose Sunrise Christian despite having different options?
It's the program that is going to develop me the most and because they have a great coaching staff. I’ve asked many people, different colleges, what are their thoughts about the program, and everybody told me the same thing which was that Luke [Barnell] is a great coach. And of course, the team is also really good.
You have been approached by several colleges. Where is your recruitment right now?
There are some strong contenders right now but also new approaches coming in every day so it’s still an open process. I still have one year of High School and later on that period, I will narrow down my options.
What is your plan moving forward?
I want to get ready for the playoffs I have now with my team in Borås and then continue working on my crafts and get ready for the National Teams during the summer. After that, I will get ready for the season with Sunrise. My biggest goal is to be the best player and person I can be. I always want to make my mom proud. And of course, play in the NBA.