FIBA has confirmed the new formats, venues, and dates for the Youth European Championships of this summer. The global pandemic is still affecting the tournaments since many countries refused to play and not all the teams will face each other avoiding the possibility of crowning a team as the champion of their group age. FIBA has renamed the Championships as Challengers.

FIBA U20 European Challengers - 20th to 25th July
Group A (Brno, Czech Republic): Spain, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, and Albania
Group B (Tbilisi, Georgia): Turkey, France, Germany, Poland, Georgia, and Bulgaria.
Group C (Heraklion, Greece): Slovenia, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Ukraine, and Belgium. This Challenger will be played from 19th to 24th July
Group D (Sopron, Hungary): North Macedonia, Switzerland, Romania, and Luxembourg.
Grup E (Sopron, Hungary): Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, and Kosovo. 

FIBA U18 European Challengers - 3rd to 8th August
Group A (Skopje, North Macedonia): Spain, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Germany, and Georgia.
Group B (Tel Aviv, Israel): France, Greece, Lithuania, Israel, Estonia, and Portugal.
Group C (Konya, Turkey): Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
Group C (venue to be decided): Bulgaria, Hungary, and Ireland.
Group D (venue to be decided): Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Switzerland. 
Group F (Tirana, Albania): Kosovo, Albania, and Moldova.
Group G (Tirana, Albania): Luxembourg, Andorra, Gibraltar, and Malta.

FIBA U16 European Challengers - 16th to 21st August
Group A (Skopje, North Macedonia): France, Lithuania, Greece, Russia, North Macedonia, and Romania.
Group B (Sofia, Bulgaria): Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, and Bulgaria.
Group C (Novi Sad, Serbia): Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Belgium.
Group D (Sofia, Bulgaria): Ukraine, Portugal, and Switzerland.
Group E: (Sofia, Bulgaria): Georgia, Hungary, Cyprus, and Slovakia.
Group F (Prishtina, Kosovo): Kosovo, Luxembourg, Albania, Gibraltar, Moldova, and Malta.