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Adidas Eurocamp (day 2): And Benzing appeared (EH on live)
After two days of competition most of the people attending the camp agree that the level is the worst of last years, but that doesn't mean making a step back. Like happened in the opener, yesterday the gym was packed -morning and afternoon- with GM's and scouts still arriving to La Ghirada. Serbian center Miroslav Raduljica ('88) appeared during the morning, but he finally didn't play and make some scheduled try-outs either. He preferred that. A couple of days ago he collected a 42 valoration in a losing effort of FMP Zeleznik in domestic competition. He is one of the european prospects with chances to being choosen in the NBA Draft, but no way. We saw him twice. In the morning wearing big sunglasses outside the gym and at night eating in a restaurant with Milutinovic, Covic and Lukovic. Will he decide to do something today? We'll see. Who didn't appear yesterday either was montenegrin Vladimir Dasic ('88), struggling with some kind of physical problems. He cannot waste more chances. His season has been horrible, and some days ago Real Madrid decided to cut his contract. Will he return to Podgorica? His attitude killed him twice during the year. One of the good things of the day was to see Robin Benzing ('89). The Ratiopharm forward is feeling more comfortable, he scored easier and he showed that he is working a lot on his catch-and-shoot capacity. Late at night DraftExpress reported that he could retire his name of the Draft. We'll see what he decide. Other players that shined in this second day and are fighting to earn a spot in our All-Tournament team were french Thomas Heurtel ('89), bosnian Nihad Djedovic ('90) and -of course- serbian Dejan Musli ('91). The center is making a great job after being practicing alone, without playing with his team FMP, since he arrived from the Hoop Summit. MVP, MVP,... It's not a secret that the agents (many of them at La Ghirada) use this event to try to recruit future players. A clear image of their bussiness is a curious one we saw yesterday. Two agents surrounding a prospect, during one game, talking and talking. Some meters from them, a representation of his current agency was sitting there. No comment. Business is business.    

Interesting game the one played during the morning. Two organized squads like the U-20 NT of Croatia and France, with french win (60-56). Tied contest with early-entry Andrew Albicy ('90), from Paris Levallois, as one of the main attractions for scouts. The tiny PG struggled shooting (1/6 FG), while guard Paul Lacombe ('90), from ASVEL, showed why he was named MVP of Espoirs Trophée du Futur. Great physical conditions, finishing with 11 points and 4 steals. For croatian squad Mario Delas ('90) is not the Mario Delas we were waiting for. Soft, with many problems againt taller centers,... He had 2/8 FG. Scoring-machine Toni Prostran ('91) didn't score easy like his opener: 13 with 3/6 from downtown. 

Let's talk about afternoon games. Robin Benzing ('89) recovered from a bad first day shooting with 17 points and 8/13 FG. His team lost but the early-entry forward finished as the best of his squad. Greek youngster Linos Chrysikopoulos ('92) poured 8 with 5 boards and also U-18 prospect Bogdan Bogdanovic ('92) added 7 in 18'. The youngest players, in a great level. Dejan Musli ('91), earning MVP honors even he only nailed 5 points and pulling down 5 boards. For the other team catalan Josep Franch ('91) made a nice job with 13 and 2/2 from downtown.

In another game, also tied, Pietro Aradori ('88) changed his effort during some minutes with 11 points in 23 minutes, but losing. No doubt about his scoring skills (fourth best scorer this season in Italy). French point-guard Thomas Heurtel ('89), starting to take his position as the best PG of the event: 8 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds. Even 1/6 threes. For winners Nihad Djedovic ('91) shined with 11 and 5/6 FG and 4 steals. French early-entry Bangaly Fofana ('89) battled in the paint (8+3).

In the last contest of the day, in the All Star game, the best of the best. Benzing (14 with 4/8 FG) led the victory, helped by Fofana (11+6). French "Ludo" Vaty ('88) added 11+6 in 26'. At the other side Edwin Jackson ('89) appeared again (11 and 4 assists in 17'), Dejan Musli wasn't enough (16+9 in 23') and brit Daniel Clark ('88), from Asefa Estudiantes, sent the sensations he has been sending in ACB during the season (15+5). 
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