5 2004's

Teodor Simic

CURRENT TEAM: FC Barcelona (Spain)
Skopje (Macedonia)
6´10´´ / 209 cm


FIBA U16 European Championship Division A - August 2019

Huge presence. A body to develop, needs to evolve from a chubby body to a thinner one. Strength won’t be
a problem but needs to improve his poor athleticism; as he shows heavy foot and poor mobility. In defense
he can’t protect the rim because of his lack of reactiveness (one shot blocked in seven games) and struggles
a lot defending out of the paint. But he is a fighter, doesn’t shy away the contact at all. Really smart player
with a high IQ, tremendous pass ability, able to find easily a wide open shot for a teammate. Really difficult
to find a big man with his hands catching and passing the ball. Very effective in the zone thanks to his touch
but needs to polish his footwork.

U16 Spanish Championship - May 2019

By Biel Colominas

Big man with still an undeveloped body, he has wide shoulders with potential to bulk up. He is not a great athlete, and at the moment he is not very fluid with his moves on the court despite having improved during the season. He is an old-school center, his footwork is surprisingly excellent, he can turn around both shoulders and finish softly with both hands. His court vision and passing skills from the low post are above average. His shooting mechanics look good, very natural and he has potential to become a reliable shooter from mid range. On defense, he has serious problems at the moment due to his lack of athleticism and coordination, as he struggles a lot being far from the zone. 

Teodor Simic has an impressive body frame for a 14 years old player. His wide shoulders are huge and his body forecast still room to grow and develop. Simic is slow compared with players of his generation but is pretty normal in this stage due his height. His lower body looks solid and his coordination is pretty good. Athleticism is his biggest weakness right now. Simic has pure center skills hard to find nowadays in young players. Simic is not afraid to put the ball on the floor to attack from perimeter but we can find his strength in the low post where he surprises with a big variety of moves and a good touch to finish in the paint. He also possesses feel for the game and his passing skills are remarkable for a big.
Defensively he uses to play against older players in Macedonia and he feels comfortable in the paint but he also shows good activity to contest perimeter shots. Simic is a good rebounder but lacks effort to box out and trust in his feeling and height to grab boards. He is a good rim protector using his body and wingspan smartly.
Simic plays in Partizan Vodno Suns in his hometown but already made tryouts with teams around Europe and probably he will continue his development in an European powerhouse.


2016/17: Partizan Vodno Suns (Macedonia)
2017/18: Partizan Vodno Suns (Macedonia)
2018/19: FC Barcelona (ACB, Spain)
2019/20: FC Barcelona (ACB, Spain)