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Sergio De Larrea

CURRENT TEAM: Godella (Spain)
Valladolid (Spain)
6´5´´ / 197 cm


General overview- November 2022

Sergio de Larrea is a tall ball-handler who still has to bulk up and gain lower body consistency. The best tool of his game is his passing vision: he is a great processor off of pick and roll situations and, despite his angle manipulation is still not great because he needs to improve his body to grow in this area, he shows awesome reads and intentions. As a scorer De Larrea still needs to develop a consistent shooting form, but he knows how to get to his spots in the mid-range off of pick and roll and slows down the pace enough well to control this area. In addition, he has shown some nice flashes from the three point line in isolation actions and knows how to create space. Once he gains strength he'll be able to get to the restricted area with more frequency.

On the defensive end Sergio de Larrea struggles quite a lot. He is still unable of guarding guards with low center of gravity or advanced ball handling skills because he doesn't respond when they get on his hip and, in addition, he suffers when opponents with functional strength developed bring him to the post. Has good global awareness and positional instincts but needs to add intensity and motor to his game. Must improve his stance.

Adidas Next Generation Tournament Valencia - December 2020
De Larrea was one of the best surprises in Valencia. He is a tall and skinny guard with high shoulders who is still very undeveloped. His fundamentals and feel for the game were exceptional for a player of his age, compensating his lack of athleticism with smart decisions on both ends of the floor. De Larrea looks extremely natural playing with the ball in his hands, being an advanced P&R player for his age thanks to his ability to keep his dribble alive, above average court vision and ability to pass off the dribble. Despite his lack of explosiveness, he showcased a very good ability to score while driving as well, using his soft touch, wide eurosteps and great footwork to find angles inside the paint. De Larrea was participating as an invited player, but he is expected to join Valencia Basket this season.


2019/20: Valladolid (Spain)
2020/21: Valladolid (Spain)
2021/22: Valencia Basket (ACB, Spain)
2022/23: Godella (Spain)