4 2006's

Dame Sarr

CURRENT TEAM: FC Barcelona (Spain)
Treviso (Italia)
6´6´´ / 198 cm


FIBA U18 European Championship- August 2023

Skinny, lengthy SG with a good body frame and size. Decent athlete. Smooth with the ball. Skilled but questionable IQ. Good shooting form but poor shot selection. Midrange game/pull-up is one of his main things. Versatile offensively in general. Doesn’t look to pass –scoring mentality. Lacks strength and gambles on defense. Good upside.

ANGT Zadar- March 2023

Although some highs and lows in shooting, Sarr was clearly the player with the highest ceiling. He has the attributes to become a high-level slasher: great first step, coordination and balance. To reach the next stages, he’ll have to bulk up: he’s good at getting to the rim, but once there he struggles to absorb contact. A blur in transition: earns easy points with steals and deflections. Needs to re-shape his shooting selection: he projects as a high-volume three-point shooter but will have to unleash other areas of his game. Showed some improvements as a passer in pick&roll situations.

Torneig L'Hospitalet- December 2022

Dame Sarr has experienced a steady progression since he joined the FC Barcelona youth program. His physical improvements are very noticeable and thanks to this he has entered a new dimension as a slasher, although he still needs to work on his finishing skills. It’s also remarkable that the game has slowed down to his eyes and can create offense for himself, decelerating and seeking contact with his matchup. He also has improved his shooting form: now every shot looks the same, and he’s able to hit tough threes. His motor allows him to repeat efforts and shift directions in off-screen and hand-off situations, providing valuable shooting versatility. By far the player with the highest upside on Barça’s roster.

Tournament U16 Villa de La Orotava Tenerife - September 2021

By Pietro Cristofori

Dame Sarr has plenty of upside both under the physical and technical aspects, although he already plays at a very high level. He has considerable wingspan, wide shoulders and long arms and legs. He is a three level scorer, and his shooting mechanics look very fluid. He has to work on his consistency on both ends of the floor and his feel for the game. He has the potential to become a very efficient and tremendous scorer. 


2019/20: Orange1 Bassano (Italy)
2020/21: Orange1 Bassano (Italy)
2021/22: Orange1 Bassano (Italy)
2022/23: FC Barcelona (ACB, Spain)
2023/24: FC Barcelona (ACB, Spain)