4 2007's

El Hadji Sidi Gueye

CURRENT TEAM: Real Madrid (Spain)
Dakar (Senegal)
6´10´´ / 208 cm


Torneig Hospitalet- December 2023
By Artau Pascual

Wide upper-body. Legs are thin. He shouldn’t grow more, and will need to add lower-body and core strength to play the 5 in professional basketball. Made great reads as a short roll passer, attacked closeouts at a remarkable level against forwards and bigs and displayed his great touch in the paint both in layups and hooks. Smart offensive rebounder too. Will be able to increase his shootiing volume. On the defensive end, he delivered at a fair level as a switch defender and picked up some steals on the switch against smaller ball-handlers. As a 4, he did a good job protecting the rim from the weakside. Struggled more to do so as a 5.

General overview- October 2022

Sidi Gueye is an athletic big man with impressive motor and touch. He still has room for bulking up but thanks to his smoothness, good touch and above average fluidity for a prospect with his profile he is able to produce at a very consistent level around the basket. Thanks to his notable game perception he is able to make quick decisions with the ball on his hands and shows nice flashes at the mid or low post. There are good indicators about his shot despite he still hasn't expanded the range.

On the defensive end Sidi Gueye does a very good use of his wingspan. He is able to protect the rim when Madrid defends with drop coverage and knows how to contend ball handlers when he has to switch. His timing and posiitonal instincts, in addition to his global awareness, are elite skills. He must work on his lateral quickness and gain strength to become a more solid post defender, but as of right now he doesn't suffer for this limitations. 

No Borders Europe Cup - October 2022

Standing at 6’10, Gueye has incredible length and motor. The shoulders look pretty wide too, and since his arrival in Madrid he gained muscles. At this level, he can play both the interior positions. Above average vision and passing skills for a guy of that size. Catch&finisher. High level rim-protector and rebounder: he keeps the ball up when he grabs one. Very mobile.


2021/22: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2022/23: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)
2023/24: Real Madrid (ACB, Spain)