2 2007's

Karim López

CURRENT TEAM: Joventut Badalona (Spain)
6´8´´ / 203 cm


ANGT Paris- April 2024
By Pietro Cristofori

Still skinny, doesn't look like he added muscles over the last months. Projects as a spot-up and off-ball threat on offense. Above-average touch and feel for the basket. The shooting release is too low, but he will fix that over time. Handles are not good enough to be a reliable shot-creator in the league. Impressive instincts on defense: rotates from the weak side, vertical, crashes the boards. The main concern with his game now is his physical development: how many kilos will he add? And at that point will his explosiveness and athleticism be the same? Projects as an impactful role-player in the league.

Torneig Hospitalet- December 2023
By Artau Pascual

Above-average athlete for European standards, with an outstanding vertical leap. He has embraced a primary role on the offensive end that doesn’t match his skillset because his handles are not good enough to dribble so much. This being said, it’s easy to project a high ceiling for him if he plays by his strength: spot-up shooting, attacking closeouts, going for offensive boards and cutting. He will be able to create shots for him off one dribble.  Needs to polish his dribbling ability with the left hand. Also has to increase his off-the-ball activity since he could be absurdly efficient. On the defensive end, he has great potential as a weakside shot blocker. Occasionally, he gambles too much to go for the block. Will need to lower his stance to stay with wings, but he should be able to do so. Will also need to keep working on his core strength to contain forwards who attempt to get past him outbodying him on the drive. Grabs rebounds because of his size, but will have to focus on the box-out fundamentals and improve his overall engagement.

El Olivar- April 2023

Right-handed forward with an impressive frame and intriguing on-ball skills. Has on-ball skills to create some offense for himself attacking closeouts and driving in transition. His shot mechanics look consistent, but has room to increase the shooting volume and improve the results. Soft touch, good second efforts, nice vertical leap. On the defensive end he's good at creating deflections and has great instincts to grab rebounds, but struggles to slide his feet against smaller players.


2022/23: Joventut Badalona (ACB, Spain)
2023/24: Joventut Badalona (ACB, Spain)