3 1999's

Georgios Kalaitzakis

CURRENT TEAM: Panathinaikos (Greece)
Heraklion (Greece)
6´7´´ / 201 cm


Kalaitzakis has excellent size for a perimeter player, as a legit full 6’6 guard who spends most of his time as a primary ball-handler. His body lacks bulk but he has promising length and wingspan. He’s a good overall athlete: he has a strong first step and can easily change pace off the dribble, has quick feet for his size and very good leaping ability. It’ll be interesting to follow his athletic development as he’ll fill up his skinny frame.

As we’ve said before, Kalaitzakis spends most of the time on offense handling the ball: he has very good ball-handling skills for a player his size and shows natural instincts in playing off the dribble. He can easily change pace with the ball to beat his man, and he’s able to keep his dribble alive after turning the corner on the P&R. At this point of his development, Kalaitzakis is mainly a scorer: despite showing high-level vision and passing skills when he’s willing to share the ball, his focus is still mainly on the basket and his overall decision making is questionable; he can be turnover prone, has sometimes the tendency to drive into the defense and has a shaky shot selection. As a scorer he’s very good in creating separation with his defender, even without needing the on-ball screen to do that: he starts and stops effectively in short space, has an excellent hesitation move and can beat his man on the first step. Despite not being a pure shooter and having sometimes the tendency to be streaky, he has good shooting motion and extended shooting range and has to be respected on the P&R; he can hit shots while playing off the ball, showing good confidence as a spot up shooter.

On defense Kalaitzakis has high-level potential: his centre of gravity is not too high and he can stay with smaller players at the youth level of competition, even though his lateral quickness is still average. He’s highly effective with his length, always aggressive with his hands and arms against the opposing ball-handler and has impressive instincts off the ball, being a constant threat on passing lanes. His overall effort and commitment is not up to the task yet though, particularly in his on-man defense.


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