The second Junior Adriatic League Tournament was held in Bar, Montenegro, and Zadar, Croatia. Eurohopes attended the tournament in Bar where participated Mornar Bar, Mega Bemax Belgrade, Krka Novo Mesto, Cedevita Zagreb and Igokea, as FMP Belgrade didn’t show up.
Cedevita and Igokea qualified for the final stage.
Below you can find the top prospects from each team from the tournament in Bar, Montenegro.

Dalibor Ilic (‘00), Igokea
This kid dominated the whole tournament averaging 29 points, 17 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 44 of evaluation in 33 minutes per game. Dalibor is a PF/SF standing at 6’9. He is pretty long and lengthy with solid body that can compete at the pro level already. Runs the floor well and has good floor vision and passing skills. His athleticism helps him to play above most of the players and score over them. Pretty light on his feet and explosive. Really good rebounder on both ends of the floor. Skilled for his size: handles the ball pretty well and takes shots off the dribble. Doesn’t have post moves, lacks game back to the basket. He is now able to stretch the floor when he plays at the PF position. Not ordinary shooting mechanics but he is confident in his shot, shot a total 4/9 from three through three games. Surprisingly he is struggling from the free throw line though, he’s not consistent (24/42 overall, 57%). Soft when guarding the post.

Luka Cerovina (‘00), Mega Bemax
Best player on this team. He is the motor for Mega. Trying to be a leader. Talented offensive guard with solid body frame. The kid is a 6’6 guard that covers all backcourt positions. Reads the PnR well. Creates for himself as well as for the others. He averaged 20 points, 7 rebounds, 4.5 assists in 28 minutes, with good shooting percentages. Solid athlete. Good shooting mechanics, low release though. Strong driver to the left. Even when he goes right he still finishes with the left hand. When he gets in shooting redeem he is hard to guard. Understands the game well and finds good solutions in traffic. Needs to improve playing without the ball. He is lacking some strength but has room for improvement in that segment. Bad defender with solid lateral quickness.

Aleksandar Langovic (‘01), Mega Bemax
Besides Cerovina this is the most talented kid on Mega team. He is lefty, 6’9, really long and athletic PF/C. Pretty explosive and light on his feet. Averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds in 25 minutes. Mostly finishes around the rim, but occasionally can step out for a mid-range, even some 3-point shots. Looks like he has still room to grow up. Has solid shooting mechanics and for a big guy he is a good free throw shooter. Needs to improve mid-range and 3-point shooting. Mostly scores from the assists of the other players and from offensive rebounds. Even though he possesses pretty good body he is lacking strength for a post player. On the post he is going left every time and he struggles against more physical players. A lot of room for improvement in every segment of the game. Solid timing for blocking shots.

Vasilije Vucinic (‘01), Mornar Bar
This kid was loaned to Mornar just for this tournament. Originally he is playing for a small team from Bijelo Polje, Montenegro and started playing basketball just a few years ago. He is a long, skinny and lengthy 6’9 center that averaged 10.5 points, 7.5 rebounds in 26 minutes per game. He was the only big man in this Mornar Bar team. Doesn’t know much at the moment but he is not afraid of contact and looks like he enjoys playing basketball. He is well coordinated and runs the floor well. Solid rebounder considering his lack of strength.

Leon Stergar (‘00), Krka Novo Mesto
6’3 combo guard with good body frame. The most talented offensive player in this team. Solid athlete with explosive first step. Understands the game. Driver to the right. Good shooting mechanics. The leader of this team even though he just recently joined it. Last year he was the best player in Slovenian 3rd division and he is ready for pro basketball, both mentally and physically. Pretty good rebounder for a guard. Scoring multiple ways: driving, shooting threes, shooting of the dribble, has mid-range game. Likes to play through contact. Averaged 21.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, 3 assists in 31 minutes per game. Solid lateral quickness on defense. Trying to block shots on defensive end, leaves his player to go block big guy on the opposite team.

Matej Bosnjak (‘02), Cedevita
One of the youngest players in this tournament. This kid is a 6’8 PF/C with solid body frame. An average athlete, but has improved from last year. Not afraid of contact and plays through it.  In the post his main weapon is a right jump hook but he has counter moves. He is well coordinated and runs the floor well. Understands basketball, has high basketball IQ and plays under control. For a big guy he is great passer and we can say that he is the alternative PG in his team. All the plays go through him, he touches the ball in every possession. His shooting mechanics are good and he has mid-range game. Doesn’t shoot threes and that is something he can work on to put his game on another level. Also needs to improve free throw shooting. Pretty good rebounder on both ends of the floor. This kid averaged 15 points, 11 rebounds, 4.5 assists in 33 minutes per game. Defensively he positions well and he is a good shot blocker (2.5 per game during this tournament).

Karlo Matkovic (‘01), Cedevita
6’10 center with wide shoulder and solid body frame. This kid averaged 14 points, 6.5 rebounds per game in 27 minutes of action. Solid athlete that runs the floor well for a big guy. Pretty long arms and good shot blocking abilities (2.5 per game). Soft touch and good shooting mechanics. He shot some threes this tournament but as a right now that is not his strength. Can shoot mid-range with high percentages. Improved from last year but he still needs to work on playing and finishing through contact, doesn’t get on free throw line often. His baskets are mostly assisted. Needs to improve his post game, if he improves his body strength he will be hard to guard in the post. Defensively he uses his length but struggles to guard stronger players.

Vito Cubrilo (‘00), Cedevita

Best guard in this Cedevita team. He is a 6’4 SG with good basketball IQ. An average athlete with good body strength. Understands the game and plays under control. Good shooting mechanics. Takes good shots which improves his shooting percentages. This tournament he averaged 14 points, 2.5 rebounds, 4 assists with good percentages (FT - 87.5, FG2 - 53%, FG3 - 40%). He is letting the game come to him, doesn’t force. Solid PnR player. Good spot up shooter that has mid-range game. Can shoot coming off staggers. Good driver and solid finisher around the rim. Defensively he is just okay, something he could improve. Overall this kid does a little of everything and takes responsibilities in the clutch moments of the game.

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