By Albert Robledillo

The 41st edition of l’Hospitalet Tournament took place from January the 4th to the 6th in l’Hospitalet, Spain. Eurohopes attended the tournament where participated NBA Global Academy Australia, FC Barcelona, Baskonia, Zaragoza, Partizan Belgrade, Joventut Badalona, L’Hospitalet and China U18 NT.
Below you can find the top performers from the tournament:
Joshua Giddey (’02). NBA Global Academy. 6’6, SF, Australia
The MVP of the tournament leaded his team to the championship showing his skillset and more than a great basketball IQ. Point forward type of player, Giddey is really skilled as a ball handler and always knows where are his teammates, making excellent reads. He is also a great finisher, always finding good angles in his penetrations (68% in two-pointers). He is a smart defender off the ball and has great instincts and activity as a rebounder.
Bennedict Mathurin (’02). NBA Global Academy. 6’5, SG, Canada/Haiti
Impressive motor and strength, Mathurin is a bit undersized but a great athlete with an impressive leap and explosiveness. Earned All-Tournament Team honors thanks to his scoring abilities near the basket; doesn’t shy away the contact when gets past his defender and faces the basket. Needs to establish his skillset but his leap gives him a variety of finishes in the lane. His shot is promising (23/29 in Free Throws) but not solid yet from the long range. A very good defender, is quick sliding laterally and strong enough to face any kind of contact.
Agustín Ubal (’03). FC Barcelona. 6’4, PG/SG, Uruguay
Ubal was named in the All-Tournament Team thanks to his 16,8 points and 6,4 rebounds with a 54% in two-point shots and 47% in three-pointers. His body is completely undeveloped, can add a couple of inches more but his size and wingspan are quite good for his position. In offense, his skills are out of question; is a great ball-handler, a solid finisher in the paint and has a great pull-up. He is really skillful handling the ball and shows a variety of finishes in the lane; just needs to involve a bit more his teammates.
Pape Ablaye Sow (‘03). Baskonia. 6’7, SG/SF, Senegal 
Impressive length thanks to a great size and wingspan. Very fluid, athletic and quick. Baskonia uses him mostly as an initiator. Nevertheless, has potential as a scoring secondary handler thanks to a solid ball-handling skills, a bit slow but good motion shooting off the dribble and a variety of finishes near the rim. He is a nightmare in defense: on the ball, because has quick feet to move laterally and takes advantage of his wingspan; and off the ball, because of his activity deflecting and rebounding.
Aitor Etxeguren (’02). Zaragoza. 6’9, C, Spain
Named in the All-Tournament Team thanks to his solid performances, Etxeguren’s energy helped Zaragoza to get in the semifinals. His mindset and strength compensates his lack of athleticism. He moves well and is quick enough for a player of his position but needs to add more range to his shot and skills when posting up to take advantage of his soft hands. Very talkative and communicative in defense and really productive as a rebounder against bigger players.
Nikola Radovanovic (‘03). Partizan. 6’8, SF, Serbia
Radovanovic is a tireless competitor who doesn’t shy away the responsibility. Great size for his position, his physical tools are above average thanks to his explosiveness, quickness and athleticism. In offense, is a good finisher and loves to push the ball in transition after rebounding and he is also a reliable shooter despite his weird motion. In defense, keeps his energy up playing off the ball helping his teammates and taking advantage of his size and wingspan with deflections, blocks and rebounds (averaged 7,75 per game).
Stefan Todorovic (‘02). Partizan. 6’6, PG/SG, Serbia
Named in the All-Tournament team averaging 22,5 points, 5 rebounds and 4,7 assists per game. Todorovic is a Guard with a tremendous size for his position. Is creative putting himself in position to score or feed properly his teammates. A tremendous shooter (55%, averaging 6,75 three-point shots per game) both off the dribble and off the catch, makes easy reads when plays the pick and roll. Struggles against physicality.
Yannick Kraag (‘02). Joventut Badalona. 6’7, SF, Netherlands
His physical tools are fantastic, it’s difficult to find a better body with size and upside. In offense, is a great transition player, attacks pretty well the offensive rebound and shows a good touch near the basket and a decent mid-range shot. Has to improve as a creator. Kraag is an excellent perimeter defender as a point of attack. His athleticism and wingspan (6,11) makes him also a great helper and a remarkable rebounder.  
Guillem Torrent (’02). L’Hospitalet. 6’3, PG, Spain
Torrent was the best local player in the tournament thanks to his creativity and scoring abilities. Has a decent size and a very quick first step. He is right-hand dominant but near the basket can finish with both hands thanks to a soft touch. Good shooter off the dribble. Struggles defending but is quick enough to improve in this area.

Photo by: Comblue Digital