By Biel Colominas and Albert Robledillo

2005-born Romanian top prospect Tudor Somacescu will join Sierra Canyon School (CA) next season, he told Eurohopes. Somacescu will spend this season playing for U-BT Cluj senior team before moving to Sierra Canyon where he plans to graduate in 2024. 

“It's a challenge for me and I love challenges. I really like the program and how they treat their players. Also, it’s a very good academic school so it’s a perfect combination”, says Somacescu.

Somacescu, who is currently sitting #2 of the Eurohopes 2005 top-50 ranking, was one of the top players in the 2019 FIBA U16 European Championship Division B averaging 10 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.7 steals per game at 14 years old of age. Thanks to his performance, Somacescu had offers from some of the best academies in Europe but he decided to remain in Cluj-Napoca and, eventually, move to the US for the next season. 

"I like more the type of basketball in the US. It's more explosive, faster and tougher. It will prepare me better for the next years", tells Somacescu: "Usually, European players choose to remain in Europe but I take it [moving to the US] as a challenge". 

Standing at 6’2, the feel for the game and the versatility he shows as a guard, make Somacescu one of the most interesting prospects in Europe of his generation. He has tremendous scoring abilities, a promising shot and solid ball handling skills for a kid at his age. Somacescu also can be a prominent pure point guard thanks to his court vision, passing skillset, and instincts which also helps him on the defensive end despite having some issues such sliding his feet and moving laterally due to his lack of strength in the lower body.