The best eight teams from the Balkans took the floor in Zlatibor, Serbia in the Final-8 of the U19 Adriatic League. Prospects of 2002, 2003, and 2004-born generation showcased in one of the best events in the calendar in Europe. Our Assistant to Director of Scouting, Luka Drca, attended the event.

Who was the best player?
The MVP Nikola Jovic (‘03). He was the biggest talent in the tournament and can be considered as an NBA prospect. He is a decent athlete who is able to score in multiple ways. Needs to improve his body language and extend his shooting range. His basketball is on another level compared to the competition on Zlatibor. Eager to see him play on pro-level next year.
Who was the most surprising player?
Partizan's Mihailo Petrovic (‘03).  Short but quick. Playing fearlessly with great energy. Able to change the speed to beat opponents. Good ball-handling skills; had a few great finishes through traffic. Has a mentality but needs to extend the range.

Who was the top U17 player?
Eray Buyukcangaz (’04) from Buducnost Voli and Nikola Djurisic (‘04). Buyukcangaz is a tall and long PG with an amazing basketball IQ. He has a bright future is in front of him.
Djurisic is a strong, Euroleague type of SG who has all the tools to become a great basketball player. Needs to improve his shooting range.

Jovic (MVP), Djurisic, Kovacevic, Boskovic and Ivisic. What’s your take on the All-Tournament Team?
If the draw would have been a little distinctive, the All-Tournament team would look different. Mainly, if Mega didn’t play Patizan in the quarterfinals I am positive that Radovanovic would find room in the distinction. Besides this, all the players deserved to be part of the best-5. Jovic (‘03), as we have mentioned a few times, is an NBA prospect if he continues developing in the right direction. His understanding of the game and athleticism are above this level already. As usual, Djurisic (‘04) is following Jovic’s footsteps carrying the Mega team. Those two players had huge help from his older teammate Petar Kovacevic (‘02) who, as a glue guy, is very productive on both ends of the floor. Not talented as the other two are, but definitely a player that everyone would like on the team. Boskovic (‘03) from Igokea is coming from a sports family (his older sister is the best volleyball player in the world). He is playing the game the right way. He is a deceptive athlete. Plays fearlessly and hard. Igokea ended up taking the third place mostly because of him. Ivisic (‘03) is a versatile big lefty, coming from Buducnost VOLI, who loves taking threes. He can put the ball on the floor. Decent passer from the post. Finishes with both hands around the rim. Needs to work on his body strength and quickness.