By Albert Robledillo

Victor Wembanyama is definitely not a regular teenager. He is the most promising basketball player in decades but he carries this responsibility with ease. He is aware of every step he is making in his career, now looking forward to playing Euroleague with Asvel after a silver medal (and all-tournament team honors) in the U19 World Cup where he gave an interview to Eurohopes.

How was the experience in your first World Cup against older players?
I have never played in my life against guys of my age so I am totally okay with that. I usually play pro and the French league is very physical; also the U19 World Cup was physical but not as much as the French league is. I feel like I am gaining experience in all the fields, now I know I can be a leader, even though I am younger, so I am learning how to take responsibilities.

You missed the ANGT back in February because of an injury. What did you learn from your injury this season?
I learned that I have to respect my body. I was overusing it which was the absolute reason why I got injured. I wanted to do so many things that I got myself injured, so I learned to respect my body and new ways to work for myself.

You are just a 17 years old kid who happens to be someone that all the basketball world is talking about. How are you handling it?
I am not even fully aware of it so I don’t care that much. I had 100 followers not so long ago on my social media and now I have a few more –around 80.000 on his Instagram account but I am trying to be away from it. I play basketball, I am trying to take care of my body, eating and taking care of myself so I am living my life as a regular teenager.

You just signed a deal with Asvel. What do you think you can bring at the Euroleague level?
Almost every year in my life I upgraded the level that I played on, from U11 in Nanterre to the pros. So I hope this will continue. I know that I will be able to show things in the Euroleague and I can’t wait to start. I am going to take next year as a year to fill out my body, so I can be ready in the next season I have to higher my level to get to the NBA. 

Is there something that you want to improve as a player?
Obviously, I have to get stronger, there is no doubt about it. But I have to improve everything else.

Photo: FIBA