By Albert Robledillo

Adem Bona has lived on three different continents and in all three of them has stood out. The Nigerian-born with Turkish passport just earned an offer from Kentucky after an impressive junior season at Prolific Prep (CA) and a solid performance in the U19 World Cup where Eurohopes interviewed him.

How do you evaluate your performance in the U19 World Cup?

It’s a big stage. I didn't have more chances to show what I am capable of, but it’s what it is. We recovered really well, we had a heartbreaking loss [against Argentina, in the Round of 16] and it was really painful because we believed we were in a position to achieve a medal in this tournament but unfortunately we got knocked out. Then, we bounced back really well. [Turkey ended up winning the last three games finishing in the 9th position].

You are moving into your senior season in High School after your first year in the States. How was the experience?
It was pretty good. At first, it was hard for me to move from Europe to the States but I think I kind of adapted well. It was a challenge in so many ways: mentally, physically, basketball wise and for exposure. It has helped me in so many ways.

Despite being your first year, you had a great season. Were you surprised by that?
To be honest, I was surprised. When I got there, I wanted to start fresh, build my name from the scratch but suddenly, most of the people there knew about me. I think I proved myself a little bit but I have more work to do. I want to improve myself a little bit more, work on my game and try to show them what I am made of.

Last summer you decided to move to the States after being offered to the top teams in Europe. Why did you decide to explore a different route?
It’s kind of something I always wanted. I want to experience basketball in so many ways; I did quite a bit in Europe, and then move to the States and gain experience from there. I try to get different ideas from different places and put them together.

So now you are a highly regarded prospect in Europe and in the US. Where do you see yourself, in college or turning pro? 
I haven’t made any decision yet. I am still looking at what the future holds for me. I have to work on my craft and try to improve every day on the court. I am still in the process, my focus is on basketball.
What do you think you need to improve?
The NBA is the goal of every basketball player so I am trying to improve my game not just to get to the NBA, also to stay in the NBA. Some of the players get to the league and after two years they are out of the NBA so I want to be more diverse in my game to last long.