By Luka Drca

The 2022 Szent Istvan Basketball Cup was held in Székesfehérvár, Hungary from the 27th to the 30th of January. The winner of the tournament was Orange1 Bassano from Italy. Stellazzurra Roma took the 2nd place, and Hungarian U16 National Team finished 3rd.

Final standing:
1st: Orange1 Bassano
2nd: Stella Azzurra Roma
3rd: Hungarian U16 National Team
4th: Kristaps Porzingis Basketball Academy
5th: BC Zadar
6th: GAK Basketball Academy Gdynia
7th: Mercedes-Benz KA Kecskemét
8th: BC BUBA Basketball

MVP of the Tournament: Tiefing Diawara (Orange1 Bassano)

Dame Sarr (’06, Orange1 Bassano) – 6’6, Guard, Italy
Excellent body frame, but average athlete - questionable explosiveness. Late bloomer, looks like he will grow another few inches. Long and lengthy. He does a little bit of everything on offense. On defense, he tries to reach out and steal the ball. Can’t withstand the contact due to lack of weight, needs to get stronger. Surely someone to keep an eye on.

Tiefing Diawara (’06, Orange1 Bassano) – 6’11, Center, Mali
Long and pretty mobile big man, with excellent body frame. Not impressively athletic, questionable leaping ability. Mostly scores out of offensive rebounds and assists. No moves to create from the post. Able to finish with both hands around the rim. Solid shooting stroke – okay FT shooter. Great rebounder. Overall, pretty good defender. Moves the feet well when switching on to guards. MVP of the tournament and someone with okay upside.

Stanislav Hinkov (’06, BC BUBA) – 6’4, Combo Guard, Bulgaria
One of the most talented offensive players in the tournament. Solid body frame. Deceptive athlete, strong legs. Very skilled, the kid can score a lot. Doesn’t force anything. Let the game comes to him, plays on his own pace. Reads the game well. High basketball IQ. He makes everyone better. Excellent P&R player – able to hit the open teammate either on the roll or on the help side for a 3P shot. Solid defender. Would like to see how this kid develops.

Vito Perkovic (’06, BC Zadar) – 6’8, C, Croatia
Slow big man, wide shoulders. Pretty raw, stiff, below average athlete. Playing in slow motion. Doesn’t like contact, uses every chance to stretch the floor. Right hook at the post. Okay rebounder, but most of his rebounds come in the defensive end of the floor. Can’t switch and stay on guards due to heavy legs.

Giulio Morigi (’06, Stellazzurra Roma) – 6’5, SG, Italy
The most talented offensive player on this team. Just an okay body. Quick, sometimes out of control. This kid scores in many different ways, but shooting is the one he prefers the most. Okay mid-range game, good 3P shot. He likes taking big shots. Able to make plays for others. Aggressive on defense.

Rudis Donis (’06, Kristaps Porzingis Basketball Academy) – 6’8, PF, Latvia
Solid body frame, wide shoulders and strong lower body. An average athlete with just okay explosiveness. Able to put the ball on the floor and finish through contact. Can stretch the floor, good spot up shooter. Tough kid. Okay defender and rebounder.

Zsigmond Gyürk (’07, Hungary U16 NT) – 6’4, Guard, Hungary
Strong body, decent athlete. Tough, plays through contact. Better as driver than a shooter. Solid mid-range game. On the defensive end he's just okay.