By Vedran Modric
Red Star won the tournament again but the real winner of this tournament should be National Team of Bosnia because in the All-Tournament Team four players started playing basketball in Bosnia (Musa,Simanic,Glisic and Campara) . In the finals Red Star faced tough and well coached team of Spars Sarajevo. Game was really interesting because Spars didn't want to give up even when they were losing by 16 points in the 3rd quarter. Game ended 92-88 for the hosts Red Star. Third place game was a easy task for Partizan because Cedevita couldn't use Musa more than couple of minutes because of his injury day before.
I'm going to start with winners of ANGT : Red Star Belgrade. Like almost every year their players are very physical and couple of them can play senior basketball without any problem. MVP of the tournament Borisa Simanic (2.09 cm-1998) raised some eyebrows during the tournament due to his impressive skills. Last year in ANGT Belgrade he was passive but this year this wasn't the case. He was doing almost everything for the Red Star team. Shooting threes, going coast to coast, blocking name it. Kid is complete package. Back to the basket game is not there yet but I have no doubts about him. Aleksa Radanov (2.02 cm-1998) is bigger than last year and taller also. I'm not even sure that he is only 2.02 cm. I would say at least 2.04 cm. Court vision superb, handle also great but at moments was trying too much. For this level he is dominant but lack of speed could hurt him at the next level . And also he is point forward who is almost useless without the ball in his hands. Stefan Dordevic (2.03 cm-1998) is a ghost. Plays PF and you can barely see him but at the end of the game its always double-double. Does bunch of little things that you don't see and its always in the right place. Matija Radovic (1.98-1998) is your typical 3 and D player. Tough, aggressive and built like a bull. Spars Sarajevo are Sani Campara (1.88 cm-1999) team. He is the computer of that team. Deadly in pick and roll because court vision and outside shooting are superb. Great feel for the game and high basketball IQ. True leader for the Spars team. In the finals vs. Red Star he was spectacular. The bad part is his body. I doubt that he will become an inch taller and his frame is the one of a football player rather than basketball player. Aleksa Stepanovic (2.06-1998) Serbian player who left Nis to sign with Spars is a really interesting player. Lefty with a soft touch but also aggressive and hustles for the rebounds. In the finals vs. Red Star he struggled but when he bulks up physical play will no longer be a problem. KK Partizan is Milos Glisic (2.04-1998). For this level he is almost unstoppable. Last year he was between SF and PF but this year he strictly played PF. Solid frame, good footwork and superb basketball IQ. In my opinion not a NBA prospect at all but he should have a nice career in Europe. Cedevita finished 4th which is a big dissapointment considering they have best player in their team. But Musa injured his knee on the 2nd day of the tournament so this result is not really a shock after all. Dzanan Musa (2.04 cm-1999) plays minutes in Euroleague and ABA league with the senior team of Cedevita so basically he is waaay over this level of play. If there was no injury who knows what would happen. He is simply that good. Everybody knows he is always going left yet nobody can stop him at this level. Darko Bajo (2.04 cm-1999) is an interesting prospect but he is not a center nor will ever be so playing him at the center is simply not good and it doesn't work. Alba Berlin was 5th. Ferdinand Zylka (1.90 cm-1998) is built like he practiced gymnastics from an early age so as far as athleticism he is great. Unreal athleticism. More SG than combo guard. Good body language on and off the floor. If he was 6 or 7 cm taller he would be legit NBA prospect. Bayern Munich was a mess. And if it weren't for Nelson Weidemann (1.90 cm-1999) they would be last for sure. Simply put Weidemann has everything a future NBA point guard needs to have. Court vision-check, Shooting-check, Ballhandling-check, Defense-check, Athleticism-check, Great frame to build-check. Definitely a player to keep an eye on. Zemun finished 7th. Their team played hard and team basketball and in the 1st round they didn't have luck. Solid system. KK Buducnost before the tournament looked good on paper but before getting injured in the 2nd game Ognjen Carapic (1.95 cm-1998) played his first game like he wants to prove something to the coach of senior team Buducnost that doesn't give him minutes. And that didn't end well. 4/15 from the field and overall bad body language on the court. Andrija Slavkovic (1.98 cm-1999) was the only bright spot on the Buducnost team. Very long, very quick release on his shot, good shooter, good body language but his body is still work in progress. But tons of potential here. No doubt about it.
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