The 29th Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Mannheim was played between March the 31st and April the 7th.

Final standings: 1) Germany 2) Australia 3) Italy 4) Russia 5) France 6) Israel 7) USA 8) Argentina 9) Turkey 10) China 11) Egypt 12) Japan

All-Tournament Team: Jonas Mattisseck (MVP - Germany), Hendrik Drescher (Germany), Callum Dalton (Australia), Federico Miaschi (Italy), Nikita Mikhaylovskii (Russia)

Top European Prospects

Karlton Dimanche (‘00), 6’4, SG, France
Guard with good frame and wiry body, has intriguing physical upside. Handled the ball a lot for France, playing both backcourt position. Explosive athlete able to get to the basket and finish at good rate inside the paint, plays under control and shows solid decision making. High defensive potential thanks to his physical and athletic profile, put constant pressure on the ball-handler, showed better defensive effort than he did at 2017 Basketball Without Borders Europe camp and led the tournament in steals per game (4.5). He’ll need to improve his shooting skills.

Florian Leopold (’00), 6’9, C, France
Raw big man with impressive frame even though he doesn’t have elite size. Explosive athlete, able to make athletic plays on both ends of the court, led the tournament in blocks per game (1.8) despite playing only 16.5 minutes per game through a total of four games. Ball skills are still to develop, but moves well on the court and shows solid instincts considering his poor basketball background. Had some intriguing flash on offense, showing the coordination and mobility to potentially play the power forward spot in the future, despite still lacking a reliable shooting range outside the paint.

Kay Bruhnke (’01), 6’8, SF/PF, Germany
Played mostly at the power forward spot, having an edge on his opponents in terms of ball skills and perimeter game. He’s still too slow to be a backcourt player, but still looks natural with the ball and shows solid decision making. Has to improve his explosiveness, struggles when he has to attack his man off the dribble. Can play some P&R, mainly to pass or shoot. Willing passer, moves the ball, recognizes a doubleteam and has good court vision in the halfcourt. Played with very good attitude and wasn’t afraid to take responsibilities.

Hendrik Drescher (’00), 6’8, C, Germany
Named to the All-Tournament Team after averaging 13.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, 1.1 assists and 1 block in 21.2 minutes per game. Undersized, strong center with poor explosiveness but excellent footwork for his size. Competes hard, plays through contact. High IQ player who moves with proper timing and positioning, shows good decision making, has high-level court vision. Among the best passing big men of his class, either from the low post or facing the basket. Has excellent shooting skills with natural range from beyond the arc.

Jonas Mattisseck (’00), 6’5, PG/SG, Germany
Named MVP in Mannheim, after averaging 13.7 points, 2.7 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.4 steals per game. Main leader of the German team which ended up winning the tournament. Lefty backcourt player with excellent size for his position. Extremely tough, plays with great motor. Excellent shooter off the catch or off the dribble, able to shoot comfortably off the P&R, shot 62.5% from beyond the arc in the tournament. Powerful slasher, finishes strong taking contacts at the rim, has good enough ball-handling to create separation with his defender. Also one of the best defenders in the tournament, able to stay in front of opponents players and never giving up on a play.

Joshua Obiesie (’00), 6’6, SG, Germany
Probably the top prospect in a loaded German roster, late bloomer at his first official tournament with the national team. Played under control and within his role, mainly off the ball in the tournament. Has excellent size for his position and high-level athleticism, is an effortless leaper. High-level transition player, able to push the ball and go all the way to the basket. Makes the right pass, proper timing in his decisions. Consistent shooter from beyond the arc, can shoot out of the P&R. Doesn’t use much his right hand, so far is still strong hand dominant.

Luc Van Slooten, (’02), 6’8, SF, Germany
Had a strong tournament, showing better attitude than usual and embracing his secondary role. Scored clutch points in the semifinal vs Russia. Has an edge from a physical standpoint, with an already developed body and above average athleticism. Fearless, takes responsibilities on offense. Played more under control in Mannheim, moving the ball better and displaying good court vision. Shot 43.5% from beyond the arc, but he’s still a streaky shooter with questionable shot selection.

Franz Wagner, (’01), 6’8, SF, Germany
Didn’t play much, limited by physical issues. Long wing with still undeveloped frame, has above average size for his position and skillset. Comfortable with the ball, didn’t handle much in Mannheim and was relegated more off the ball, playing mainly off the catch. Fluid shooter, didn’t connect at high rate from three in the tournament. Physical development to be tracked, to see how much he’ll improve as an inside player once he stops growing and building his body.

Deni Avdija (’01), 6’8, SG/SF, Israel
Led Israel to the sixth place after averaging 17.1 points, 9.1 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.6 steals and 1.1 blocks. All-around player with excellent size and a still undeveloped body, covers four positions for his team. Needs freedom on offense and he’s at his best with the ball in his hands, will take wild decisions from time to time but has impressive ball skills and scoring talent. Changes pace easily off the dribble, has wide array of fakes, hesitations and pivot foot moves to beat his man and score in the paint. Shot selection is still shaky, streaky shooter but has range from well beyond the arc. Mainly right hand dominant. Above average passer who sees the whole court and has great touch and timing to hit the target. Still doesn’t like contact, struggles to handle physical contact inside the paint.

Federico Miaschi (’00), 6’5, SG, Italy
Named to the All-Tournament Team after averaging 22.9 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.1 assits, 1.3 steals and leading the tournament in points per game. Strong and athletic wing, he’s a decent ball-handler who changes speed naturally off the dribble and can easily create separation for his shot. Fearless driver, keeps attacking the rim and scores against the defensive help. Mainly focused on the basket, but has decent court vision and passing instincts. Unorthodox but effective shooter, natural creating his own shot off the dribble. Defensive IQ still in the making.

Mattia Palumbo (’00), 6’6, SG/SF, Italy
Averaged 17.1 points, 10 rebounds and 2.7 assists, leading the tournament in rebounds per game. Strong wing, lacks explosiveness but he’s fluid and shifty off the dribble, changes pace easily with the ball. Natural instincts as a ball-handler, has good array of moves to score in the mid-range or at the basket, shows to be an above average passer for his size when he’s willing to share the ball. Efficient shooter, natural hitting shots off the dribble, has to be respected on the P&R. Still poor shot selection and defensive effort.

Aleksandr Ershov, (’00), 6’5, SG/SF, Russia
Had a quite disappointing tournament in Mannheim, but also missed three games because of injury. Strong, aggressive wing but he’s starting to lose his physical edge. Aggressive, powerful straight-line driver, takes any physical contact but lacks the proper ball-handling to change direction effectively off the dribble. Effective shooter off the catch or coming off the P&R. Questionable decision making with the ball, shot selection is below average, tends to drive straight into the defense.

Nikita Mikhaylovskii (’00), 6’7, SG/SF, Russia
Had a breakout tournament, averaging 17.3 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.7 steals and being named to the All-Tournament Team. Tall wing with promising frame, playing all backcourt positions for his team and handling the ball a lot. Struggled to create separation against athletic opponents, but can change pace easily off the dribble and finish inside the paint also with physical contact. Has good ball skills, solid vision in the halfcourt but decisions are erratic and has mainly scoring instincts. Can play off the ball as well, solid shooter off the catch, can make plays attacking the closeout.

Mert Akay (’00), 6’5, PG, Turkey
Strong guard with above average size, coming from a strong Adidas Next Generation Tournament in Munich, left mixed impressions in Mannheim. Playing mainly as a point guard but also with some minute off the ball, shot the ball well from three in the tournament (46.2%) but he’s still a streaky and inconsistent shooter. Physical imposing player who plays with great motor, drives strong to the rim, makes plays all over the court. Has good vision and passing instincts for his size. Ball-handling still an issue to play the point guard position at higher level.

Sadik Emir Kabaca (’00), 6’9, PF/C, Turkey.
Intriguing young big man with promising frame, solid athleticism and undeveloped body. Mobile, fluid, cuts to the rim and has good coordination to catch and finish in the paint. Still struggles to handle physical contacts, can be outpowered under the basket. Excellent offensive rebounder, has instincts for the ball, proper positioning in the halfcourt. Shows some promise with his jump shot, able to shoot off the catch from as far as from beyond the arc. Averaged 6.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1 block in just 19.4 minutes per game.