From May 18th to May 21st, Belgrade hosted the Adidas Next Generation Tournament finals, where the best 8 teams from this season’s stages faced off in a high-level competition. Mega Mozzart were crowned champions, after beating 82-61 a Next Generation Team full of talent. Nikola Djurisic from Mega was awarded with the MVP trophy at the end of the competition, while loanee Bassala Bagayoko won the Rising Star award.

Our Assistant to the Director of Scouting, Luka Drca, attended the event, and tells us more about the 5 players that were selected to form the All-Tournament Team.

Nikola Djurisic (‘04) was the MVP of the tournament, and this reward was well deserved. He’s the leader of this Mega team. Nikola is a talented SG with all the tools to be efficient soon also as a pro. His body is strong enough to compete at the next level. Strong lower body too. Changes the pace well. Athleticism is okay, but he could improve his explosiveness. Needs to extend his range, since his 3P shooting is still not that consistent. Mostly attacks going right, he’s able to finish above the rim. Solid pick&roll player. Plays defense when needed.

Kymany Houinsou (‘04) is a talented SG with a lot of attitude. Kymany can scores in multiple ways, and he does a little bit of everything on the court. It looks like he would play the same way whoever is in front of him, meaning that he’s not afraid of any opponent. I would like to see him at the next level, facing more physical and athletic opponents – his athleticism is average for the role.

Bassala Bagayoko (‘06) is the kid that impressed me the most. Long and lanky, okay athlete with quick jump and solid vertical. Plays with great energy on both ends of the floor. Tough kid that plays hard, and he’s able to play above the rim. Skills wise, he’s still raw and has a lot of room for improvement, as he mostly uses right-handed jump hook from around the rim. Excellent passer out of post. Solid shot blocker, defensively a threat. He needs to add some strength all over his body.

Pacome Dadiet (‘05) is the most talented offensive player from this tournament. Decent athlete with strong body, able to go by people both ways. Smooth, complete offensive player, as he can play on and off the ball, and be efficient either way. Solid ball skills, good cutter too. Excellent defender with the right mindset. Ready for pro level.

Eli John Ndiaye (‘04) is a skilled PF/C with good motor and strength. Light on feet, moves really well up and down the floor. Needs to improve explosiveness. Mid-range shot is okay. Tries to play through contact, not a great finisher through traffic though. Good basketball IQ – he never does things he’s not capable of. Aggressive crashing the boards on both ends of the floor. Good defender, competitive. Footwork allows him to switch and guard multiple positions.