NBA Global Camp took place in Treviso, Italy, replacing Adidas Eurocamp that has been in Treviso for many years. Considering that only two months before nobody knew if the camp would continue, the NBA did a pretty good job this year. The organization was really good and people from NBA made sure that everything was in place.
NBA Global Camp featured 40 draft eligible players that played scrimmages first two days and conducting interviews the last two days. The camp featured also one U-18 team International Select that was stacked with talent, Australian Centre of Excellence and two NBA Academy teams.
Out of that 40 draft eligible players on the list, Dzanan Musa, Andreas Obst and Diego Flaccadori were the only ones who didn’t play. The three of them came the last two days for the interviews.
Standouts on the camp as far as draft eligible players were Issuf Sanon, Yuta Watanabe, Adam Mokoka and Karim Jallow. Those four players showed the most and have the best chance to hear their name on a draft night. Issuf Sanon (PG/SG-1999) probably did the most for his draft stock because NBA people didn’t scout him as much as others until he signed with the Slovenian Union Olimpija. Issuf is wild on the court, unpredictable and a joy to watch. His body and athleticism fit the NBA standards and his no fear game fits the same standard. Improved his shot over the years and improved his ballhandling. Not a true point guard because he likes to score more but is a fearless defender. NBA teams liked what they saw so the first day of interviews he had 24 NBA teams lined for interview. Perfect draft and stash option because next year he will stay in Ljubljana and play for Olimpija. Yuta Watanabe (SF-1994) is a Japanese born NCAA senior from George Washington. The only turnout with him is probably his age because in October he will turn 24. Has the size, athleticism and speed to hang in the NBA. Solid spot up shooter, can play with the ball also and on defense has ability to check guards. Could be a solid end of the 2nd round option. Adam Mokoka (SG/SF-1998) is tough and aggressive and doesn’t back away from anything on the court. Has already one solid professional season under his belt. Iman Shumpert is the player that first comes to mind when watching Mokoka play. He has even stronger upper body but the skillset is similar. If he can improve his shot over the years he will stick in the NBA for many years. Karim Jallow (SF-1997) fits the NBA prototype of a small forward (2.01 cm and wingspan 2.08 cm, speed combined with athleticism). Very physical on the court, doesn’t stay away from the contact. Would be a very interesting option as a 3&D guy if he improves his shot. Especially from the corner 3 where during one practice he missed 5 in a row.
Other part of the NBA Global Camp were the Next Generation games where couple of players really made a name for themselves. International Select Team featured 2 standouts from the Tony Parker team in France (Maledon and Cazalon), Cholet go-to-guy Killian Hayes and big guys from Senegal who are both playing in Spain (Sylla and Faye). Theo Maledon (PG-2001) is plays like a veteran and his court vision is incredible and if you go under the screen he will punish you. One of a kind talent. Malcolm Cazalon (SG/SF-2001) is a do-it-everything explosive guard/forward with a nice body .Plays very good off ball and has really good chemistry with Maledon when they are both on the court. Killian Hayes (SG-2001) is a scorer: he can shoot, attack off the dribble and score in a various ways. He needs to improve his off hand, but overall the level of the NextGen games was too low for him, Amar Sylla (PF-2001) is like seeing Anthony Randolph at the age 17. So long, so skilled and so much talent. Has the perfect body to build for an NBA power forward. Wide shoulders, huge wingspan and speed for a big guy. Biram Faye (C-2000) is strong, physical and athletic. More skilled at that age than Biyombo and the tools are pretty much the same.

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